Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential

Today travelling around the world has become so much easier as prices are more affordable, and we are able to book flights and hotels online or even through apps on our smart phones.   There…

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Which is Best a Cruise Vacation or Land Vacation?

When thinking of booking a vacation there are so many choices these days and it can be hard to make a decision. Making the choice between a cruise vacation and a land vacation both have…

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Things to Do in Europe Before You’re Dead

Europe is a vast area, which covers many countries and cultures. In most of the places, tourists are made very welcome as the economy of some of them relies on this industry. Travelling from country…

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Cruise Tips from Cruise Ship Passengers – Part 1

This year I am interviewing cruise ship passengers to get the best cruise tips, tricks and advice on how to have the best cruise. Cruise tips from cruise ship passengers are always the best cruise…

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Why You Should Bring a Cruise Carry On

Why you should bring a cruise carry on – because this is all the cruise luggage you will have on you for the first few hours of boarding the cruise ship. When you pack for…

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A Local’s Guide to London UK

Hey, lovely readers of Lucy Williams Global! I’m Lucy’s sister, Sophie. I’m a criminal defence solicitor and live in West London. When I’m not at court, I love seeing the best London has to offer.…

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