Greetings from the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

I am still sailing in the Pacific Ocean and it seems to never end. We are on day five of the eight days at sea until we reach Bora Bora.

The weather has calmed down, not so rough and the sunshine is coming out and heating up. Today it has been very windy, the photo below does not do it justice as if I had taken a photo of myself my hair was in the air!


You are probably wondering what I am doing to fill my days up. Now the weather has calmed down I was going to go back the gym, but I like to go when I get up at around 7.30am, but the gym is full!

Now, this cruise is full of people over 65, but they are a healthy lot, so the gym is out and cabin workouts are in! I could go later on in the day, but I lose the motivation later in the day. I like to have a routine as then I stick to it.

I then get ready and go and have breakfast in the buffet. I am studying Italian so I then study for 1-2 hours. Later on, I go for a walk around the ship, write this blog, sunbath, eat again, read, write emails, watch tv, go for afternoon tea (not every day), etc.

There are loads to do onboard, even on this tiny ship. There are fitness classes, lectures, bingo, movies, afternoon tea, happy hours, games, sing in a choir, spa, casino, shops, bars and a pool. So it is hard to get bored.

My next blog will be about beautiful Bora Bora, if you have any questions, please contact me at or comment on my Facebook page Lucy Williams Global or Instagram @lucywilliamsglobal. If there was anything you would like me to blog about please let me know.

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Happy Travels

Love Lucy x

Greetings from the Pacific Ocean

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