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Time for Tahiti

Time for Tahiti

The island of Tahiti is an island full of waterfalls, lush green trees, plants and exotic flowers, volcanic black sand beaches (and a few white sand) and beautiful viewpoints. We sailed into Papeete, the capital of Tahiti which is the largest island in French Polynesia. The port area is full of shops and restaurants, but the real Tahiti is found when you leave the city.

I was lucky enough to meet my friend that lives in Tahiti a native Polynesian. She drove me around to explore. There are many things to see in Tahiti, but you cannot do it all in one day especially in the heat. It was over 30*C on the day we were there and my pale skin cannot handle it!

First, we drove through the valley up the mountain to see a beautiful view (photo below) of the city of Papeete where the ship was docked and Moorea the neighbouring island. If you like hiking this is a good hike, quite steep. I preferred driving up! It was quite a narrow and bendy road, but it was fun, perfect for a 4×4.

We then went to one of the black sand beaches where all the kite surfers go to practice (photo above) as it is very windy there! In Tahiti, there are more volcanic black sand beaches, than white sand beaches.

Then we drove to Arahoho Blowhole which is where waves crash through the volcanic basalt rock and when you stand next to it, first it is seems like steam is coming from this hole, then water sprays through and it takes you by surprise!

Close to the blowhole was a waterfall and before you got to it there was giant bamboo everywhere (photos below), I have only ever seen the small type in vase, so this was amazing to me!

On the way, back to the ship we drove past a spot where the famous French painter Paul Gauguin painted, a rock in the ocean with a tree (see photo below) and made a quick stop to ‘One Tree Hill’ to see the view of Mataval Bay. The view is glorious as you can see the neighbouring island of Moorea again, but the tree is so old and huge (photo below).

If you go to Tahiti I recommend to go on a tour or hire a private guide as the public bus only operates early in the morning and late at night and to visit the whole island as there so much to see.

We crossed over the international date line yesterday so I lost a day of my life! Nothing changed, apart from we went from Friday to Sunday with no Saturday. So strange!

My next blog will be about Bay of Islands, New Zealand, this is my first visit there so I’m looking forward to it.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or comment on my Facebook page Lucy Williams Global or Instagram @lucywilliamsglobal.

Speak soon

Love Lucy x

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