Sydney – A Place Down Under!

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Sydney was fabulous, I enjoyed every minute there, apart from the heat as it was so hot and humidity made it very sticky, but what do I expect Australia is hot. The good part was there was not a cloud in the sky, so all my photos looked great!

The British heritage is still in Sydney and it has a mix of old and new buildings, it reminded me of London in a small way, that is probably why I loved it so much as it reminded me of home, just a lot hotter and sunnier and they drive on the left side of the road as we do in the UK.

We docked 30 minutes away from the city and the shuttle bus dropped us off by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I walked along the waterfront until the Opera House, it is very easy to get around on foot.

The walk was lovely as there were sculptures of all the Chinese Zodiac signs on the way, for Chinese New Year. They really brighten the walk.

The best was outside the Opera House, there were two roosters, as it is the year of the Rooster. I got some photos of the zodiac signs, see below.

The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are the focus in the city as you can see them from every angle while on the waterfront or sailing in or out of the harbour and those are the places to have your photo taken in front of.

I met my friend that lives in Sydney that I met ten years ago, onboard and have not seen since. We had a great time catching up in the with some white wine in the Opera Bar on the waterfront by the Opera House and lunch in Searock Grill to have some fish and chips.

Then it was the sad time to go back to the ship and watch the sail away out of the harbour. I think this is one of the best sail away’s in the world, as we go under the Harbour Bridge that you think you are going to hit it, but of course, we go under! Then sailing past the beautiful Opera House with the sun setting.

My next stop is Cairns, Australia so I will be telling you all about my day there soon. If you have any questions, please contact me at or comment on my Facebook page Lucy Williams Global or Instagram @lucywilliamsglobal.

Happy travels!

Love Lucy x

Sydney - Place Down Under!

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