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Three Places You Must See in Singapore

Singapore was our next port of call, a beautiful, clean country, but hot and humid! Most people love where they live, but the common feature everyone talks about is the weather, hotter or cooler! Our tour guide was saying how she loved living in Singapore, but not the humidity!

I visited the Botanical Gardens to see the National Orchid Garden, Chinatown and the Jurong Bird Park.

Three places you must see in Singapore

We first went to the Botanical Gardens to visit the National Orchid Garden. If you like flowers this is the place to go, it is beautiful from the moment you walk in. It has the world’s largest collection of orchids with over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids.

The greenery and the different colours of the orchids were amazing, I saw the traditional colours of white and pink, then there were yellow, orange, purple, red, peach, green, mixed colours and even black. All the different species of tiny flowers to very large and different petal styles. I loved it! My husband thinks I took way too many photos of flowers though!

The garden was laid out very nicely with bird cages, water features, arches covered in plants, animal sculptures and it was wheelchair friendly. You walk through the mist house that displays the new orchids and the cool house that has the mountain orchids (this was especially nice to cool down in!).

There was a VIP section with orchid hybrids named after Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Michelle Obama, Margret Thatcher, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate and much more.

The Botanical Gardens are on set on 52 hectares and to see it all you need to be there all day. Next time I’m going for the day.

After the seeing the orchid garden we drove to Clarke Quay for a traditional Chinese lunch. Clarke Quay is full of bars and restaurants that cater to all tastes.

Then it was time to visit Chinatown. Chinatown is old Singapore and is where ethnic groups lived, it is full of old streets, low buildings, temples, street markets and food outlets. Surrounding Chinatown is skyscrapers.

We visited the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which is Buddhist. In here you need to cover your shoulders and knees. My tip for entering these temples is to bring a big scarf or sarong and tie it in a knot at the top then hang it over your clothes to cover your shoulders and knees, then you can wear what want or just wear long loose clothing. Inside the temple was beautiful bright colours of red, pink, yellow, gold and a big solid gold Buddha.

We continued walking down the streets to the Sri Mariamann Temple the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore that was built-in 1827. Outside of the temple was decorated beautifully with colourful people. It was the only temple where Hindu’s could get married in Singapore.

I only got a taste of Chinatown, but you could be there all day, there is so much history. The streets are divided into temples, food, shops and markets.

For the last part of my tour, we went to the Jurong Bird Park. There are 5000 birds with 400 species and it is the largest bird park in the world. I saw Penguins, flamingos and lots of colourful birds. I’m not a big fan of birds, but I really enjoyed the park.

There were four large free-flight aviaries so the birds can fly freely around and there are shows that you can watch the birds and their trainers. The park is large and is set on 20.2 hectares there is s a train you can take around the park and it is geared up for kids and adults.

The one thing I didn’t do very well this time was cover myself in insect repellent. I got bitten in every spot I missed! So, if you go to Singapore, cover yourself with it! It is very hot and humid, so I recommend wearing long loose clothing.

In Singapore their hobby is shopping so there are shops everywhere especially shopping malls for the air conditioning! We drove through Orchard Road that is 3km of shops and shopping malls that had all the big designers’ shops.

Essential Info:

  • Weather: 22*C – 32*C Sunny/Showers/Very Humid
  • Currency: Singapore Dollar
  • Top Tip: Wear loose long clothing or bring cover ups for shoulders and knees and use lots of sun lotion and insect repellent.

The next port I will be blogging about will be Phuket in Thailand. To see my photos first follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy travels!

Love Lucy x

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Three Places You Must See in Singapore


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