111 Days Sailing Around the World on a Cruise Ship

111 Days Sailing Around the World on a Cruise Ship - Lucy Williams Global

After 111 days of the world cruise, we have been to 36 ports, 25 countries, and 6 continents, transited through 2 canals, sailed 10 seas and crossed 3 oceans and spent 73 days at sea.

I can’t believe the world cruise has come to an end. It seemed like it was never going to, but here we are and I’m sad to see it finish.

It has been an amazing experience and I am so pleased I have blogged about it instead of just posting photos on Facebook!

I have met some fantastic people from all corners of the globe and it has been so nice to get to know them over four months. A world cruise is very different to regular cruising as you have so much time, so it has a more relaxed atmosphere.


Where have we been?

Below is the list in order and the ports underlined you can click on to read my blog post about my adventures in that port.

Los Angeles – USA

Bora Bora – French Polynesia

Papeete – French Polynesia

Bay of Islands – New Zealand 

Auckland – New Zealand

Sydney – Australia

Cairns – Australia

Rabaul – Papua New Guinea

Guam – Micronesia – USA

Kaohsiung – Taiwan

Hong Kong – China

Sanya – China

Singapore – Singapore

Phuket – Thailand

Cochin – India

Mumbai – India

Dubai – UAE

Aqaba – Jordan

Suez Canal – Egypt

Rhodes – Greece

Chania – Greece

Zakynthos – Greece

Bari – Italy 

Hvar – Croatia

Venice – Italy

Sibenik – Croatia

Valletta – Malta

Trapani – Italy

Ceuta – Spanish Morocco

Portimao – Portugal

Hamilton – Bermuda

Fort Lauderdale – USA

Oranjestad – Aruba

Santa Marta – Colombia

Panama Canal – Panama

San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua

Acajutla – El Salvador

La Paz – Mexico

Los Angeles – USA

How many days at sea?

We have crossed three oceans the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and sailed the Tasmanian Sea, Coral Sea, Philippine Sea, South China, Andaman Sea, Laccadive Sea, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea.

We were at sea for 73 days out of 111 days! Normally I really do not like days at sea, but this time I needed them after long days on tour in each port we visited.

Also, if it wasn’t for the days at sea I probably would not have written this blog. So, in a way I’m very happy I committed to doing this and thank you for the sea days!

What else happened?

Cruising is not just about the ports though, it is about the food, formal nights, champagne waterfalls and the shows.

There were 18 formal nights and 6 champagne waterfalls during the 111 days. Those were the nights to dress up, no jeans and flip-flops!

The champagne waterfall is a cruise ship tradition. The champagne glasses are carefully stacked in rows on top of one another to form a pyramid and then the Maître’s Hotel pours champagne from the top, which makes a champagne waterfall.

I didn’t bring 18 formal dresses! I only brought one suitcase for the world cruise and if you would like to know how I did it read my article ‘The Art of Packing for a Cruise: How to Packing a Capsule Wardrobe’.  Lots of great packing tips and it comes with a free packing checklist.

It hasn’t been plain sailing through the cruise though, we had several very rough days at sea and some rough tender rides!

What was my favourite port?

This is a tricky one! I enjoyed the whole trip, but I especially loved visiting Petra in Jordan, the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, relaxing in Phuket, Thailand, visiting a friend after ten years in Sydney, Australia and going back to Bora Bora, French Polynesia for the beautiful Matira Beach.

I hope you have enjoyed following my adventures around the world. The world cruise may have finished, but I am still onboard! So, I will be writing about more ports I am visiting this week, so stay tuned!

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Have you been on a world cruise? What were your favourite ports?

Happy Travels

Love Lucy x


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    Sounds incredible, Lucy! 🙂 🙂
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    What an amazing lifestyle! I’ve been reading some of your posts. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.

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      Thank you so much Anabel. Your blog is fantastic, love all the photos : )

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    Lovely. Im from Zakynthos island,loved the picture you took 🙂

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      Thank you so much 😀 it is a lovely island, shame I saw it in the rain! ☔️ I can’t wait to go back & see it in the sunshine ☀️

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        Till then i will post many things of Zakynthos so you can have a look 😃 yea its an amazing island! Greetings 😃

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    Oh my gosch so many places its like a dream come true…

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      Thank you! It was quite a trip, an amazing experience 🛳😀🛳

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