Calm in Costa Rica

Calm in Costa Rica (1)

I felt so calm and relaxed at the rainforest in Costa Rica. All you could hear was running water from the streams and waterfalls and the sound of crickets and birds. It was so, peaceful and calm like a meditation session!

We were at the Pacific Park Jaco which is around an hour away from the port of Puntarenas. Costa has the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean on either side of the country. Puntarenas is on Pacific Ocean side and we went on a tour of the tropical rainforest by aerial tram and then went on a guided nature walk.

Aerial Tram

The aerial tram takes you very slowly through part of the rainforest, we glided through giant trees, hanging gardens, waterfalls and lush green landscapes and we ended up right on the tree tops.

We saw so many different types of trees and plants. It was very green! The view was fantastic when we got to the top as we could see the mountains and look down on the rainforest.

Six people plus a guide fit in each gondola and we were allocated the front seats so we had the best view!

Nature walk

After the aerial tram ride we went for an easy nature walk. We saw tropical flowers and a medicinal plant garden. The garden had cinnamon trees for diabetics, cocoa trees, plants for toothache, etc.

Then we walked through the snake’s section, I couldn’t look! They are not my favourite animal! On the path, we saw ants crossing  and each ant was carrying a leaf for their nest, fascinating!

We saw frogs, caiman (small alligators) and turtles. The best part was walking into the butterfly sanctuary where they were fluttering around and snacking on bananas!  I saw blue, orange and yellow and brown butterflies, so pretty.

While we were there we had a traditional Costa Rican buffet lunch of pasta salad, rice, beans, steamed vegetables, grilled chicken and sweet plantains in the park’s restaurant. It was very tasty with lots of different flavours.

The tour was very relaxing and interesting, but if you fancy something more active at the park you can go zip lining and hiking. I went zip lining a few years ago, there and it was really fun.

Essential Info:

  • Weather: 27*C – 30*C all year round (wettest season September – October/ driest season January – March)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Costa Rican Colon (US Dollars are accepted)
  • Wear lightweight clothing and bring a light rain jacket as it can rain in the rainforest!
  • Use lots of sunscreen and insect repellent.

Happy Travels

Love Lucy x

Calm in Costa Rica

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