The Lake Como Weekend Guide

The Lake Como Weekend Guide (1)

Lake Como is in the region of Lombardy in the north of Italy. It is the perfect place to visit for a long weekend especially in the summer months.

It is such a relaxing place with the beauty of the lake, the mountains on either side and the houses scattered around all painted different colours that compliment each other perfectly with terracotta tiled roofs. Visually pleasing and looks fantastic on Instagram!

I have been to Lake Como many times since I met my husband, as he grew up here while he was a teenager, so we spend a lot of time there throughout the year. In the winter it’s nice as long as it’s not raining! I know I’m British, but I do not like rain!

Lake Como is beautiful, but you need transport, as it is spread out and you need to sit by the lake, eat some pasta and drink an Aperol Spritz!

Just as a warning, parking is a nightmare in Como when you leave the city centre. So you can hire a car, but a scooter is better, always somewhere to park. Or use public transport, there are buses or you can use the ferry boats up and down the lake. You can take taxis, but you can not rely on them at night, as sometimes they stop working before 10.00 pm!


While I’m in Como I love to eat and drink as there are so many amazing bars and restaurants. One of my favourite restaurants, that I recommend if you love seafood is Le Soste al Mare (Via Armando Diaz, 59/63 Como), it is in the centre of Como.

The decor of the restaurant is beautifully designed and the food is delicious. We had oysters, lobster and gelato while we were there and the plates were cleared!


Apart from visiting the lake, the city centre of Como is easy to walk around and has lots of shops, bars, restaurants, museums and a large cathedral.

Lake Como is not Rome, Venice or Florence, but it is the perfect place to just switch off and unwind and watch the beautiful scenery.

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Happy Travels!

Love Lucy

The Lake Como Weekend Guide




8 thoughts on “The Lake Como Weekend Guide

  1. Lake Como is a beauty! I visited the place last year, but I will return and maybe stay for the night in one of the villages.
    We took the train from Milan for a one day trip and then headed to Torino(Turin).

    Glad to have found your articles, really nice exposure of the places.
    Here is also my travel blog at

    I would love to have back your follow and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your travels also.


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