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What You Can’t Miss in Belfast Northern Ireland

Belfast Northern Ireland

Last year I cruised around the British Isles. As you saw from my last blog I went to Edinburgh for the first time. This was also my first time to Belfast in Northern Ireland.

We were meant to stop in Galway, Ireland, but it was changed to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Which worked out much better as we had an overnight in Belfast, so we went to the pub, as you do in Ireland!


First, we stopped for a drink in The Crown, which is a very old traditional pub with lovely little booths with even a door you can close for privacy! Then we went all the way next door to Robinson’s, not as old, but traditional, most pubs have been changed into ‘trendy pubs’. If you are from the UK, you will understand what I mean by that!

It was nice to see the city in the evening as if you cruise you will know that most of the time the ship will sail before 6 pm. We went for walk around the city after we had some food in the pub. Between us, we had very traditional dishes; steak and Guinness pie, fish and chips, sausages and mash and Irish stew.

Titanic Museum

The next day I went to the Titanic museum, if you are going to Belfast in the future make sure you go there, it was fascinating. It took 3 hours to get around, there was so much to see from the ship building right through to the shipwreck.

There was even a ride that took you through the building of the Titanic. There were examples of the cabins from first to third class and the cabins were surprising.

Titanic Museum

The first class cabins were very plush, in the style of a country hotel with four poster beds with access to a private bathroom. The second class cabins were a lot smaller, not as grand, but still room for a small sofa and a wash basin.

The third class cabins were the first of its type as passenger ships would just have dormitories at this class of ticket. The cabin was small, with bunk beds, still had a small wash basin.

Starline Posters

The only thing with being in third class the toilets were three decks up and there were only two baths for all of the third class passengers! Imagine that now!

There was life size replica lifeboat and voices of the survivors telling their stories, these were just some of the highlights of the exhibition.

Last Starline Ship

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Titanic Museum Outside

Also, your ticket includes going onboard the ‘Nomadic’ which is the only White Star Line ship left. This was a passenger ship that was mainly for first and second class passengers, a lot smaller than the Titanic was, but interesting to look around.

It was funny coming back to a cruise ship after looking at the early passenger ships, things really have come a long way, but did you know that the Titanic had Turkish baths onboard for the first class passengers and a gym. The gym was very different to nowadays but they had one with an instructor!

Essential Info

  • Weather in summer: 13*C – 22*C
  • Language: English
  • Currency: Pound Sterling
  • Wear layers
  • Bring an umbrella, as it does rain a lot! Like this compact one, so you can carry it in your bag.

  • Bring a light rain jacket, like this one in summer colour!

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Happy Travels!

Love Lucy x


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18 thoughts on “What You Can’t Miss in Belfast Northern Ireland

  1. The Titanic museum would be worth a visit, definitely! It sounds really interesting. I’m glad to hear you sampled some traditional pub grub – nothing beats a pie and a pint!

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  2. Enjoyed our visit to Belfast just a few weeks ago. Wonder if we were there on the same day. We visited the Belfast City Hall which was amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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