If you are going to Skagway you are probably going on a cruise, unless you are going in your RV camping. Most people get to Skagway on a cruise and are there for one day, so how do you make the most of the day in Skagway, Alaska?

The best way is to go on a tour, so then you can pack in as much in as you can. There are tours that you can book through the cruise ship or independently.

Whilst I have been in Skagway I have been on two all day tours. The Kroschel Wildlife Refuge in Haines and the Best of Skagway.

Both were fantastic tours, the Kroschel Wildlife Refuge you will see lots of Alaskan wild animals. The Best of Skagway you learn about the Gold Rush History. So, it depends on what you prefer to see. There are so many tours in Skagway to do, but I do recommend both of these.

Kroschel Wildlife Refuge in Haines

The Kroschel Wildlife Refuge is run by Steve Kroschel. He is the founder of the centre and has a lifetime experience of working with wild animals for movies and TV shows.

Haines is not in Skagway so we took a catamaran ferry to Haines which is 45 minutes away. It is a beautiful trip as you sail through the natural fjords and see waterfalls and if you are lucky some wildlife, such as eagles and seals.

When you arrive in Haines it is another bus ride over to the wildlife refuge and again beautiful natural scenery all the way there.

The refuge is in the middle of nowhere! But that is part of the charm. The owner of the refuge Steve Kroschel is a real character and really makes the tour fun. He reminded me of the crocodile man Steve Irwin.

He has taken in all the animals and rehabilitated them. It was amazing to see some of these wild animals get close to him, like a cat or dog it was incredible to see.

Whilst at the park we saw; a moose, reindeer, a brown bear, a wolf, an arctic fox, a lynx, a porcupine, a mink, a wolverine and pine marten.

Steve would get the animals attention so we could see the animal well and get a photo! I fed the reindeer and that was fun, but I ended up with mud all over me!

I loved this tour as it was nothing like a zoo. The animals were happy and had lots of space to run about and were treated very well. I enjoyed every minute.

Then it was back on the bus and back on the ferry. This tour takes 6 hours of your day.

Best of Skagway

The best of Skagway is a good tour as you see a little of everything. We went on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, drove up the Klondike Summit highway, learnt about the Gold Rush History, went to Liarsville Trail Camp and learnt to pan for gold and ended the tour having a drink in the Red Onion Saloon to see a 1898 brothel museum.

Klondike Summit

The first part of our tour was driving along the Klondike Summit highway that was built by the US army in 1954.

The road is on the other side of mountains and you can see the train on the edge of the mountain and the Tormented Valley and Pitchfork Falls. The view was beautiful driving up to Fraser in Canada to catch the train.

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad

The second part of our tour was to board the train in Fraser, BC in Canada, that took us all the way back to Skagway that took about an hour and thirty minutes.

The White Pass Railroad was built between 1898 – 1900. It was built right on the edge of the mountain. We went 2885 Feet (879 Meters) above sea level at the White Pass Summit point!

The train was interesting as we saw the original Klondike trail of 1898 of men trying to find their fortune and the trail was narrated throughout the train and landmarks were pointed out. It is hard to believe men hiked this trail to try to find gold.

Liarsville Trail Camp

The Liarsville Trail Camp was a lot of fun, but it is all outside so wrap up warm if it is a cold day (the day we were there it was cold!).

The camp is a recreation of a tent city from 1898. We enjoyed a salmon bake buffet first, an entertaining show explaining the gold rush and how to pan for gold. Then we got to have a go at gold panning ourselves and I found a quite a few flakes of gold!

The camp was called Liarsville because of the press. The journalists reported from the camp the tales from the Klondike Gold Rush. Which was mainly made up! For example, they reported it was very easy to find gold, not a long hard hike to the summit!

It was also the last stop to have a hot bath, have your laundry done, go to a bar and see a madam before the long trail to find gold.

Red Onion Saloon

The Red Onion Saloon is a bar restaurant with a brothel museum upstairs. The Red Onion Saloon was a real brothel upstairs in 1898 – 1900.

When we entered the museum, we were greeted with the choice of Alaskan Amber beer, wine or pink lemonade. We were then shown around the rooms by a madam in costume.

She explained how the brothel worked, how much they got paid and amount of time each customer got with a girl!

There were some of the girl’s things on display like fans, perfume bottles, hair grips, brushes, dresses and fur coats.

It was interesting and ended the day’s tour on a good note. The Red Onion Saloon is on Broadway the main street in Skagway and short walk away from the ship. The Best of Skagway is an all-day tour take takes 6.5 hours.

What Did I Wear?

The day I went to Kroschel Wildlife Refuge was cold and on and off raining and the day I went on the Best of Skagway it was cold and windy.

I wrapped up warm! I wore skinny jeans, sweater, thermal tee, two pairs of socks, snow boots, jacket, gloves, scarf and hat and I brought my umbrella!


I love The North Face Gloves as you can still use the touchscreen on your smartphone without taking them off! Great for photos!

Essential Info

  • Weather: May – September 7*C – 18*C
  • Language: American English
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Recommendations: Wrap up warm and bring your camera or smartphone to take lots of photos. Also, binoculars if you would like to spot some wildlife. Bring an umbrella and a waterproof jacket as when it rains in Skagway it pours!




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Have you been to Skagway? Do you have any recommendations?

Happy Travels

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How to Make the Most of Your Day in Skagway Alaska

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The Essential Cruise Formal Night Guide

I get asked a lot how to pack and what to bring for a formal night on a cruise. Being an officer wife, I go to a lot more formal nights than the average person, usually two days a week for 3/4 months!

This is your essential cruise formal night guide for the newbies and regular cruisers that still need help!

If you have never been on a cruise before, this is a daunting experience, especially for women. As they are worried if they are going to be overdressed or underdressed.

It is a lot easier for men as a suit or tuxedo is the dress code. Formal attire for women is another can of worms!

The Essential Cruise Formal Night Guide

What the Cruise Lines Say

Formal attire on most cruise line websites says:

Women – Evening gown, cocktail dress or elegant pantsuit.

Men – Tuxedo, dark suit or dinner jacket and slacks.

Very easy for men! Most women will be thinking which option is best?

I would say it depends on the time of year as well, if it is the holidays, you might like to go all out and go for the long evening gown if you have space in your luggage!

The best option is a cocktail dress as they are easy to find and easier to pack! No one wears a pantsuit. If a dress is not your thing though, you can get away with smart pants and a smart top.

Keep it simple! Simple flatters every age and size. Navy is less harsh on the skin than black. Also one block colour is better on most body shapes.

On a seven-day cruise there are usually two formal nights. So either bring two dresses or one and change the accessories.


What do I wear

I stick to cocktail dresses or a lightweight long dress. I have jewellery to match my dresses and I keep it simple with diamonds or pearls.

I only bring nude high heel shoes and a matching clutch as that colour goes with everything. So even if it is not a formal night I can wear them with smart black pants and a smart top.

I always paint my nails as that finishes off an outfit. Either come onboard with your nails done, have them done onboard or do what I do and do it yourself!

I love Sally Hanson Gel Nail Polish. It is quick to do and you do not need a UV light to dry, just natural or artificial light. I use either Red Eye or Redgy and the top coat. I find it does not for chip 4 – 5 days and you can take it off with regular nail polish remover.

I wear my favourite evening perfume Chanel Chance and I wear my hair either pinned up or lose.

If I wear it lose, I straighten it, I could not live without my GHD’s, best invention! Also, you have the option to have your hair done professionally onboard in the salon.

I wear slightly more makeup on a formal night to feel more glam. Then you are camera ready if you would like to have a professional photograph taken by one of the photographers onboard with one of the many background choices.

Formal Attire Suggestions

Here are some great cocktail dress ideas for all ages:



Shoe Ideas:



Evening Bag Ideas:


You may enjoy reading The Game-Changing Travel Beauty Guide and download your free Travel Beauty Checklist for your next cruise vacation.

Travel Beauty Checklist

I hope you found the Essential Cruise Formal Night Guide helpful. If you have any questions or have a great formal night tip, please comment below.

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Happy Travels

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The Essential Cruise Formal Night Guide

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How to get up close to the sawyer glacier in Alaska

The Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm Fjord is so beautiful, especially when you get up close. If you go on a cruise that includes Tracy Arm Fjord scenic cruising you may have the opportunity to go on a tour and get up close to the Sawyer Glacier.

I would recommend doing this. It is a separate tour to the onboard scenic cruising and it is one of the best tours I have been on! You embark small boat from the cruise ship, well not that small, it still held around 100 or more people but a lot smaller than the cruise ship!

You sail right up to the north and south Sawyer Glaciers. And see so much more than you would just scenic cruising onboard.

I could not believe how much ice there was and icebergs floating in the water. We were just sailing into them!


The crew were fantastic on the tour. There were the captain, engineer and boat crew, the naturalist and the bar staff. The naturalist gave loads of great information about the glaciers and the ports in Alaska.

The captain and his crew got us so close the Sawyer Glacier through the iceberg-filled water and up close to some waterfalls. They were all very friendly and helpful and looked like they really enjoyed their jobs.



The day we were there it was very cold and raining so you felt it even more. I enjoyed the scenery so much I didn’t really notice it was raining, apart from wiping my camera lens, phone screen and glasses!


I would recommend a Waterproof Case cover for your phone to protect from the rain like this one from Amazon!


What did I wear?

On this tour, I wore jeans, my snow boots, thermal long sleeve tee, The North Face fleece, waterproof feather stuffed jacket, cashmere scarf, The North Face gloves and a fake fur lined hat. These items of clothing kept me warm throughout the tour.

You may also enjoy reading my Top 10 Packing Tips for an Alaskan Cruise.

Top 10 Packing Tips for an Alaskan Cruise

It was a magical experience and this was one of my top ten tours around the world. I think I will write a blog post on that in the future!

We sailed from the glacier all the way to Juneau and the tour was 6 hours long. The scenery was beautiful sailing through the fjords.


At the glacier, there were seals sitting on the icebergs and we even saw a few whales very close to the boat and flip their tails!



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Sailing through Tracy Arm Fjord on the Cruise Ship

Watching the scenic cruising through Tracy Arm Fjord from the ship is beautiful and you still see a lot. But as huge cruise ship cannot get up close to the Sawyer Glacier you can only see it from a distance.

On the cruise, I was on I was on deck in the morning at 7 am to 10 am, watching the sail in through Tracy Arm Fjord to reach the Sawyer Glacier.

This area has not been touched by man and is completely unspoilt. It is breathtaking how beautiful it is. The mountains are right there in front of you.

The icebergs in the water were so blue. The trees are growing on the rocky mountains and the are glaciers wedged in between the mountains is amazing. The mist is just below the mountain tops and the water is so green.

Which is the better way to see Tracy Arm Fjord?

I liked both ways, but seeing the Sawyer Glacier up close and sailing through the ice for me was amazing and I would recommend it.


Essential Info

  • Weather: 5*C to 9*C and a high chance of rain
  • Language: English
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Recommendations: Wrap up warm as this will be the coldest part of the cruise.

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Have you been to Tracy Arm Fjord? Do you have any recommendations?

Happy Travels

Love Lucy x


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Top 10 Packing Tips for an Alaskan Cruise

While I have been cruising Alaska, I have noticed that a lot of passengers arrive unprepared for the Alaskan weather!

So, I thought these top 10 packing tips for an Alaskan cruise would be good suggestions and help if you are going on a cruise in Alaska in the future.

In Alaska, you can have many types of weather in one week. You are lucky if you do not see rain once that week!

The temperature can range from 8C to 20C. When you go scenic cruising around a fjord to see a glacier it is always cold.

Top 10 suggestions to bring with you

Click on the photos to get more information on that item.

  1. Bring a jacket that is warm and waterproof. These are my suggestions:

  1. Hat, gloves and scarf. These are essential for cold days and when it is raining and scenic cruising a glacier.

  1. Waterproof walking shoes or boots. When it rains it pours! Sports shoes are great when it is dry but, rain goes through a lot the mesh styles! So be careful of the style you pack. There is a lot of walking in Alaska so a comfortable waterproof pair will make your life easier.

  1. Bring an umbrella.

  1. A backpack is better than a handbag as then you can be hands-free to take photos or hold your umbrella! Also, if it warms up you can but your jacket, etc inside.

  1. You always need a camera or a smartphone to take lots of photos of Alaska. It is such a beautiful place scenically and for the wild animals, you may see. Good idea to take a waterproof camera if you can. Also, if you like spotting animal’s binoculars are another great item to bring.

  1. Water bottle so you can refill it, better for the environment and there are places to fill up your bottles onboard and ashore. A foldable one is good so it takes less space in your luggage.

  1. Sunglasses for if it is sunny unless it is raining! But there is always a glare even if cloudy, so protect your eyes from squinting.

  1. Tissues or a soft cloth to wipe your camera/phone down when it rains!

  1. Hand Sanitizer this is a must anywhere, but you need it in nature.


I hope you find these packing tips for an Alaskan cruise helpful. If you have any questions or have your own suggestion please comment below.

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Happy Travels

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I thought I would give you an update in real time as I am travelling again. Hubby has joined a new ship in Alaska, so I flew out to Seattle to join him and I am now cruising around Alaska until the end of the season.

It has been such a strange feeling getting back onboard this time. After being on the same little ship for two years, I was in my comfort zone.

Now I am on a huge ship! Carrying 3080 passengers and 1200 crew. The last ship carried 670 passengers and 375 Crew.

At first, I felt like I was first-time cruising as I was adjusting to the ship being so big and the swarms of people everywhere. Now I have got used to it again!

I have been good and got back to the gym. Overall, I am getting a lot more exercise already as the ship is so big so, just walking around gets a lot of steps in and I am taking the stairs!

I will say though how beautiful cruising Alaska is as there is a lot of scenic cruising and you need to look out for whales and dolphins and if you get the binoculars out you may even see bears on the shore line.

On my first day at sea, I saw a group of dolphins jumping through the water and I have seen whale flipping their tails.

Alaska is a beautiful part of the world. The best time to go is between June and July. August to September can be nice, but the weather is usually colder and there is a high percentage of rain.

I have been to Alaska many times before and I have seen a full season of weather. This year I am here from August to September so let’s see how the weather treats me. So far it has been good and bad! Sunny, rainy, cloudy, hot and cold!

I am on a seven-day Alaska cruise that departs and returns to Seattle, Washington, USA. The ports we go to are Ketchikan, Tracy Arm scenic cruising, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria (British Columbia, Canada).

I am going to tell you all about what to see and so in each port very soon as I think each port deserves a separate blog post as there is so much to share.

The other parts of getting back onboard are getting all dressed up for the Formal nights and this made me think that I should write a blog post about how to dress for a formal night on a cruise ship, as I get a lot of questions about this subject so, that will be coming up soon.

Onboard it is all about the food! This ship has so many options for dining with many speciality restaurants. Everything is so delicious, but I am trying to control myself. As if I don’t I can see myself getting very fat here and I don’t want people asking if I’m pregnant! Hahaha

That is all for now, if you enjoyed reading about my life as well as about the places I visit and packing guides, please let me know as if so, I will add this in as a weekly feature. Comment below or reach out to me on the contact page or send me an email lucywilliamsglobal@gmail.com.

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Take care, happy travels

Love Lucy x