Making The Most Out Of A British Holiday

Making The Most Out Of A British Holiday

When you can’t afford an expensive holiday abroad but you still want to get away for a while, having a staycation is a great option.

There are so many great places to discover right here in the UK so there’s no need to take expensive flights and worry about packing to have a good week away.

However, if you don’t plan properly and head to the wrong places, your staycation can be a bit of a letdown. If you’re planning a cheap week away from home, here are some tips on making it a success.

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Making The Most Out Of A British Holiday
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Don’t Underestimate Travel Costs

People often think that the travel costs of a staycation are basically non-existent because they aren’t paying for flights but that doesn’t mean it won’t cost you to get where you’re going.

If you’re driving, you need to factor the cost of fuel into your budget. Travel costs are an even bigger problem if you’re getting the train.

Ticket prices can quickly shoot up so you need to make sure that you know how to beat train ticket price increases.

Always book far in advance to get the cheapest prices and check out split ticketing websites that can sometimes make it cheaper for you.

Making The Most Out Of A British Holiday
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Avoid London

A lot of people are put off the idea of staycations because they think London is their only option. In reality, you’ve got plenty of options and London is probably one of the worst places to go.

It’s incredibly expensive down there and you can easily end up spending as much as you would on a holiday abroad. You’ve probably been there before as well so all of the tourist attractions are going to be a bit tired.

There are plenty of other great things you can do in London, of course, but you shouldn’t limit yourself. Places like Oxford or Cambridge are good cities to visit, as are Edinburgh and Glasgow.

You can also go into the Peak District or down the Cornwall if you want some nice beaches. The UK is full of great places for a week away so don’t bother with a trip to London.

Making The Most Out Of A British Holiday
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Look For Free Attractions

The one thing London is good for is free attractions but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them anywhere else. Every city that you visit is going to have its fair share of free museums and art galleries that you can visit.

If the weather is good, you can also spend the day in a park. By filling your days with these free attractions, you can really push down the cost of your staycation without missing out on any fun activities.

Making The Most Out Of A British Holiday
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Treat It Like A Holiday

The point of a holiday is to get away from it all for a week and forget about the stresses of work. People often forget to do that when they’re on holiday in Britain and they’ll still be answering emails or calls from work.

Just because you aren’t abroad, that doesn’t mean you aren’t on holiday and you need to make sure that they know that back at work.

A staycation is a perfect alternative to an expensive holiday abroad, as long as you remember these tips.

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Making The Most Out Of A British Holiday

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