When the Weather Affects Travelling

When the Weather Affects Travelling - Lucy Williams Global

The weather affected my travels plans at the beginning of the month as the snow caused chaos in Europe with the ‘Beast from the East’ and ‘Storm Emma’.

To get back to London was a nightmare! Why it had to snow the week I came home? The weather was fine before in January and most of February.

My flight from Genoa, Italy to London, UK is normally a straightforward 2-hour flight, but this time it was in total a twelve-hour day of travelling.

The flight was delayed, and I thought it would probably be cancelled, but it was being delayed and delayed. In the end, the plane could not land in Genoa because of the wind, so it was rerouted to Pisa.

Genoa Italy - Lucy Williams Global


Weather Affecting Travelling

Pisa is not around the corner from Genoa, it is two hours away. We were told to wait and the plane will either fly back to Genoa or we will be bused to Pisa.

We were bused to Pisa! I thought I was going to get stuck in Pisa as the snow there was a lot worse than it was in Genoa.

Arriving in Pisa, no ground staff to help us, but we figured out to go through security and find the gate number of our rerouted flight.

At the gate, we boarded the plane and took off shortly after. What a day!

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Home Sweet Home

I was met my lovely parents at the airport and when I saw them I realised how nice it is to see family after a long time, so it made it all worthwhile.

Travel is a fantastic experience, but there is no better feeling than arriving home.

If you follow me, you will know I’m British and I’m married to an Italian so in between cruising around the world I spend my time between the UK and Italy. But the UK will always be my home in my heart.

Selsey UK - Lucy Williams Global


5 Travel Tips

  • The weather can affect a flight at any time, so my travel tips are to always have a portable phone/tablet charger with you to keep your phone charged up, so you can contact the outside world.
  • 2. Bring hand luggage with a change of clothes, just in case your flight is cancelled and you must stay in a hotel until the next day.
  • Fill the little plastic liquid bag with essentials you may need, toothpaste, makeup, deodorant, etc.
  • Bring a scarf or extra sweater to keep warm at the airport or outside.
  • Bring some dried snacks.

Back in the UK

Coming up on the blog soon will be all my adventures in the UK. I am from the county of West Sussex in the South of England and there are lots of lovely things to see and do.

All the places are accessible by train, bus or car. There is a lot more to the UK than just London, as you will soon see.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels and travel tips. Please share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest so your friends and family can read too. Sharing is caring!

Happy Travels

When the Weather Affects Travelling - Lucy Williams Global

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