Why Travelling Is Just So Good For You

Why Travelling Is Just So Good For You

Travelling is often considered a luxury in life. A lot of people tend not to leave their own towns, let alone their own countries, and that suits them just fine.

It’s often far too expensive to keep on jet-setting around the world and you’ve got a lot at home to keep you entertained. However, on the other side of the scale, a lot of people just can’t wait to get away.

But what is it about going away that attracts everyone? What’s so good about stepping foot on someone else’s soil?

Why Travelling Is Just So Good For You

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Well at first glance you can immediately see that travelling is incredibly good for you, is a lot of fun and offers up a variety of experiences.

It’s something everyone should try out in their lifetime and there are so many other (and possibly more important) reasons why. But without further ado, let’s get into a few of them below.

You’re Moving Like You Should

Humans aren’t meant to lead sedentary lives, and all these modern jobs with their desks and computers are putting a lot of harm on our health. That means we need to start getting away more often!

We used to go around chasing animals with rocks and spears and now a lot of us barely leaving the house during the week. With this in mind, and considering how your exercising history looks, now might just be the perfect time to book a flight…

No matter where you go, you’re going to have to use your legs to get around. Even just being behind the wheel of the car means you’re going to need good control over your leg muscles and that requires a lot of effort.

Take the time to pull over and explore where you are; you never know what gems you’ll discover in the city you were only meant to be passing through.

Why Travelling Is Just So Good For You


You’ll Meet New People

Once again, humans are social creatures and that means we like to mingle with others. Even when you’re an introvert and need to ‘recharge’ in between meetings, you probably still feel a little lonely when you’ve gone alone for a while.

But travelling perfectly breaches this gap; you can do it alone, sightseeing whatever you want and still talk to people when you’re sitting down for lunch or heading back to the hotel.

Social connections are things we like to have, even if we don’t keep up with them much and no one on Earth is ever truly alone because of this.

So try heading out to somewhere new if you’re looking to meet new people and thrive in their presence. Even just searching some good hotels offer up the promise of getting to know travellers just like you and conversing with locals in the surrounding area.

It Offers a Good Escape

Escaping is something a lot of us dream about when we’re dealing with work, arguments amongst the family and friends that simply don’t have time for us right now.

These are some of the most annoying things you have to cope with in life, but you just don’t see yourself being much use to resolve them.

At the same time, you don’t have the energy to keep up with everything going on. If this sounds like you, it’s time to take a break.

Open up your rainy day fund and count out how many pennies you could spare for a quick flight to another country. There’s probably a lot more than you think.

Find yourself a good deal for your budget (and always go about 25% under what you think you have) and then book it; you can compare quotes against each other or find some advice in chat rooms. Even just planning the trip is a good escape from reality!

Why Travelling Is Just So Good For You

You Might Just Find Yourself Enjoying Life…

If you’re the kind of person who gets easily stressed out about things, travelling might sound like a nightmare, to begin with.

Having to get through the airport, making sure you’ve got your passport and that it’s in date, checking in your bags and all the restrictions associated with packing and then actually having to fly through the air.

Even just mentioning everything you have to do before you touch down is probably bringing on a bit of a headache!

And yet, it’s worth it. Once you’re in your hotel or hostel, or you’ve managed to snag a place on a friend’s sofa for a while, you’re going to be in your element.

Get out and explore; there are cities, towns and villages that are waiting for you to discover. Plus, you can go on a bit of retail therapy if the stress has really been getting to you; the shops abroad are so different to the ones at home.

It can also awaken your creative side and if you’ve been struggling with any kind of artist’s block recently, a trip away can help you tremendously.

There are so many new sights, sounds, smells and tastes to fill up your senses, you may never know where you find that source of inspiration you crave.

Why Travelling Is Just So Good For You


What Does This All Add Up to?

It means when you travel, you’re going to be in a different time and place with different people, nothing like you’ve seen back at home.

When you’ve visited a destination quite a few times, it can sure feel familiar, but there’s always going to be something new to discover. And that’s good for your body and your brain!

The brain likes challenges, the body likes movement, and combining the two in one fun package is hard to go anywhere else.

So get to trying out some travelling if you haven’t already. The journey can often be one of the best parts if you’re with a friend, having fun in your new location, hiking over fields and driving through back roads.

Keep a scrapbook of the time to look back on when life gets too much and remind yourself why you absolutely need to go travelling again.

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Why Travelling Is Just So Good For You

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