5 Destinations to Escape It All

There’s no shortage of fantastic destinations when it comes to packing up your bags and exploring somewhere new.

A big part of travelling is soaking up other cultures and seeing how people in other countries live their life.

But sometimes, you don’t want to throw yourself into the mix and be around other people. Sometimes, you just want to get off the beaten path and surround yourself with nature, away from people.

Luckily, most of the world falls into this category; below, we take a look at some of the top destinations for waving goodbye to people and escaping it all.

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5 Destinations to Escape It All

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In the Arctic

If you’re in the UK, then most of your travelling will have involved boarding a plane and heading south to mainland Europe or west to America.

But there’s another way you can go, one that will delight just as much as any European square will.

In just a few hours, you can be deep into the Arctic, exploring the wild beauties of a remote landscape.

You could fly into the northern part of Norway, where the sun doesn’t set in the summer and rarely rises during the winter.

Then there’s also the matter of Iceland, which, while not the Arctic, will deliver everything you’re looking for in the northern part of Europe.

5 Destinations to Escape It All

Photo Credit www.pexels.com

The Motherland

There are a lot of places that can be considered well visited in Europe, America, and the wider world.

Yet given its importance, Africa remains largely untouched, and this means it’s a fantastic place to explore all that’s great about getting away from it all.

Indeed, take a look at Kenya safari holidays, and you’ll find that people have been replaced by something much more interesting: the big beasts that call the country home.

You spend all your life interacting with humans: head to Africa, and you can interact with the animals.

5 Destinations to Escape It All

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Wild America

When people think about visiting America, it’s usually to see New York, or Boston, or to visit Disneyland – all places that are jam-packed with people, which can, of course, be enjoyable.

But there’s another side to America too: the great outdoors. Head to the southwest, and you’ll find beautiful landscape after beautiful landscape just waiting to be explored.

Rent a car, and you can drive for days without having to come across too many people. It’ll just be you, your wheels, and many an inspiring view.

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Jungles and Rainforests

We have our image of the world, but it’s only one image of a million. Nowhere will your understanding of the earth be greater challenged than by exploring its jungles and rainforests, places where the rules of society don’t exist.

Whether you’re in South America or Asia, you’ll find that people are just a small aspect of life on earth.

5 Destinations to Escape It All

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Into the Wild

Of course, you don’t need to have anywhere iconic in mind to escape it all. The wild beauty of the Highlands will do the trick, as will the forests of Germany. Look to nature, and you’ll never be short of options.

5 Destinations to Escape It All

Photo Credit www.pexels.com

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5 Destinations to Escape It All

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