Travel Tips For Those Really, Really Big Groups

Travel Tips For Those Really, Really Big Groups

You’re not always going to be traveling alone. Sometimes, you might have your partner with you.

Sometimes, you might have the whole family. And sometimes, those group trips can get truly huge.

We’re talking about wedding parties, business trips, huge reunions, those once-in-a-lifetime trips that see you at the head of a truly big herd of people.

When you’re looking to get everyone together on the same trip, how do you make it memorable, keep it affordable, and avoid losing your mind while you organize it all?

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Travel Tips For Those Really, Really Big Groups
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Bargain with the best of them

There are a lot of moving parts in large groups and organizing everyone together can be a pain.

However, if you manage to get everyone to agree on the same flights, cruise, or accommodation hotels you can save a huge amount of money.

Most businesses, including train services and ski resorts, make it so much easier to find groups discounts on all sorts of travel costs so that no single individual is spending as much as they would if they had been traveling alone.

No matter what you look for and which provider you’re talking to, ask if they have a group discount.

Sail the high seas

If you’re all willing to split the cost, then having so many people together can make some of the most exclusive luxury travel options much, much more affordable.

Going on a cruise is an experience that everyone should try once in a lifetime. Get treated like a star guest with top food and entertainment while you lounge on the deck and gaze out at the sea.

For groups that have picky travelers, cruises can be a great option because they tend to stop at a wide variety of destinations.

If someone didn’t like the last place you stopped, there’s a good chance they may yet find their personal highlight.

Cruises take a lot of the effort of organizing the trip out of your hands, as well. Just trust in the captain and enjoy yourself.

Rule a kingdom

It’s not the most commonly known kind of accommodation, but if you feel like something a little more adventurous, then have you considered renting your own castle?

There are a lot of castles, particularly in Europe, that can be booked as a mixture of accommodation, tours, and entertainment.

From some of the more relatively recent estates to truly medieval forts with towers, dungeons, and more, a large group could actually make a castle more cost-effective.

Perfect for those groups who love their fantasy TV, books or video games, too. Just don’t start fighting over who gets to sit in the throne, that rarely ends well.

Travel Tips For Those Really, Really Big Groups
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Skip the airport

Arranging the same flight for everyone can be a massive pain in the neck. With more airlines, it simply won’t be possible.

Sometimes, having people come on different flights can work but not if you have a specific schedule for the trip.

For larger groups, it might not be too expensive to simply hire a private jet over using the standard airline system.

If your group is truly huge, you can even rent aircraft as large as an Airbus a320-200. As with all things, the more people splitting the cost, the more affordable a private flight can be.

Not only is it easier to get everyone on the same flight, but you don’t have to go through the utterly dull experience of waiting for everyone to make it through checkout and security at the airport.

Get away from it all

If a castle isn’t quite your thing, then perhaps a private island resort might be more up your alley.

If you’re willing to go in the off-peak times, then you might be able to have the run of your own private island for a fraction of a usual price.

Private beach parties, lounging together at a group in the same luxury accommodation, exploring the local wilderness.

A private villa can offer the kind of luxury that some of your travel buddies may have only dreamed of in the past.

If you prefer a little more service, then there are still plenty of exclusive resorts that offer group deals for larger parties so don’t give up just yet.

Go exploring

Perhaps your group isn’t the kind that wants to lounge all day or lock themselves up in the towers of a castle.

If you’re the more adventurous type, then take advantage of the growing industry helping you craft more active holidays.

There are a lot of places that offer kayaking, mountain biking, climbing activities, and more.

If you really want to see the best sights a destination has to offer, however, then guided group tours from services like Walks Worldwide might be just the perfect option.

The journey is made a lot easier not just by the good company of the rest of the group, but by a local expert who knows all the best sights to point out and the safest routes to take.

Travel Tips For Those Really, Really Big Groups
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Stay sane

No matter what kind of trip you’re putting together if it’s not well organized, it is going to be a nightmare.

Conflicting wants, lack of communication, and a sense of no-direction can plague a group that isn’t whipped into shape.

At the very start, appoint someone (perhaps yourself) to be a trip leader.

Take input from what the group wants to do and try to come to a consensus but agree that the leader has the final say.

Ensure you create a trip schedule, too, for the bigger things. Let people go off and do their own thing when you have free time, but for the group activities, set a specific time that everyone has to be there. It can save you so much hassle.

Though it may be a little more troublesome finding the right accommodation and ways of getting around, having a large group could end up helping you split the costs of what might be an otherwise unaffordable vacation.

So, take advantage of the situation, get as much from it as you can and have a truly unforgettable travel experience.

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Travel Tips For Those Really, Really Big Groups

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