7 Free Things To Do in Paris

7 Free Things To Do in Paris

If you’re heading to Europe you don’t want to miss out on Paris.  Indeed, Paris is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations due to the fact it has so much on offer from a cultural, gastronomic, shopping, artistic and sightseeing perspective.  Yet, it isn’t cheap.

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In reality, with so much to see and do it’s probably best to organise a guided tour in Paris, as this way you’ll squeeze a lot more out of your stay than you would from organising it yourself.  Yet, if you’re on a budget or just fancy giving your bank card the day off here are five things to do in Paris that won’t cost you a penny.

1.Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

Almost everyone has heard of the hunchback of Notre Dame.  The great news is that despite its popularity there’s no charge to enter the Cathedral which is covered in gargoyles.  This Gothic landmark is wonderful to view even from the outside. There are a few particularly nice viewing points such as the square in front of the cathedral and along the river.

2.Basilique du Sacré Coeur

This white marble church provides incredible views over the city.  The best time to visit is just before sunset so you can see the contrast of day and night.  It stands on top of a hill in the lively Montmartre district meaning after you have watched the sunset there are plenty of things to do in the local area.  You can enter the church for free, however, you have to pay to climb the dome and enter the crypt.

3.Feel the love at the Love Wall

Not too far from Basilique du Sacré Coeur lies this peculiar wall.  Paris is known as a romantic city and one of the most expressive places of this is the Love Wall.  This mural has “I Love You” written in hundreds of languages and is designed by Fédéric Baron.

7 Free Things To Do in Paris

4.View the Eiffel Tower at Parc du Champ de Mars

The park area around the Eiffel Tower is a vibrant spot full of tourists and locals alike.  The park is kept in an amazing condition and it can be lovely to sit there with a fresh baguette, some local cheese and bottle of red wine day or night.

5.Walk La Promenade Plantée

This walkway is on an old elevated railway line.  It was opened in 1993, prior to New York’s similar High Line project.  Hiking the 4.5km tree-lined trail is a great way to explore Paris as it takes you on a journey that sees you climbing up and down staircases, along viaducts, and crossing streets with a bird’s eye view of the area.

6.Relax in Jardin du Luxembourg

Built in the 17th century, Paris’ second largest park contains hundreds of fountains, statues and monuments.  Close to many famous sights you can easily spend the afternoon here, wandering around, people watching and relaxing.

7.Stroll along Canal St-Martin

Wandering along the water’s edge where all the cool people hang out can be a great activity in the early evening. It’s a great place to view the Notre Dame Cathedral and meet the locals at waterside bars.

Enjoy Paris!

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7 Free Things To Do in Paris

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