Protecting Yourself and Your Friends When You’re Travelling Abroad

Protecting Yourself and Your Friends When You’re Travelling Abroad


Going abroad can be an exciting experience and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to have the time of your life with very little money. Of course, you also need to make sure that you are staying safe and you also need to keep the people who you are travelling with safe as well.

This may not be a concern if you are travelling to a tourist destination, but if you are travelling into the heart of a city that has a high crime rate then you do need to consider the various things that could happen.

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Don’t Walk Alone

You shouldn’t try and walk alone wherever possible, but if this is not an option or if you are not able to walk with your friends then make sure that you stay on the same street as someone else.

This will put you in a more secure position and it also makes you much less of a target. If someone does happen to try something, then there is a high chance that the people who you are walking behind will be able to help you out.


Protecting Yourself and Your Friends When You’re Travelling Abroad

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If You Think You’re Being Followed

If you think that you are being followed, ask a member of the public for help or you can ask a member of security to walk with you. Another thing that you can do is walk into a hotel that is not your own and alert them as to what is happening.

When you are being followed, the first thing that you’ll probably want to do is go to your hotel as fast as possible. You should avoid doing this because you don’t want to alert the other person as to where you’re staying.

If it’s possible then you should stay on the phone with someone, such as a friend or family member, as well as telling them exactly where you are.


Only Use Trusted Taxis

If someone tells you to get an Uber then you may be thinking “how much does Uber cost” or even “how does Uber work”. All of these questions can make you feel as though it’s way easier for you to just call up a local taxi and get in one of theirs.

The truth is that a lot of taxi operators function without a license and this can make it very hard for you to really feel confident in them.

They may overcharge you and they may not even be registered with the appropriate organisation, so before you go out, make sure that you are aware of who you are dealing with.


Protecting Yourself and Your Friends When You’re Travelling Abroad

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Get a Sturdy Bag

When you are out travelling, you need to get a bag that does not have a thin strap or even a bag that is easily snatched. If you wear a backpack then it’s very easy for someone to steal something right out of it and it is also very easy for them to take the whole bag as well.

Pickpockets are very clever and they know exactly what they are doing, so you need to make it as hard as possible for them by connecting your zips together with clips and by making yourself aware of your surroundings.


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Protecting Yourself and Your Friends When You’re Travelling Abroad

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