A Packing Checklist For A Camp Backpack You Can Carry

A Packing Checklist For A Camp Backpack You Can Carry

It’s natural to worry about packing when you go away. After all, you’re going to rely on those bags for a week or more. There may well be shops where you’re going, but do you really want to pay a fortune for stuff you’ve already got at home? Of course not. Hence why most of us check and double check our cases with packing checklists to hand, and a fine-toothed comb. All the better for making sure we have everything we need.

Sometimes, though, what we pack is even more essential. If you’re that worried when you have access to shops, how much do you need to take for a camping trip into the wilderness? The more, the better, right? Perhaps not. Remember, you also have to carry these packs with you all day. So, how do you find the balance between taking everything you need, and saving your back pain? Read on to find out.

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Be harsh with what you take

If you’ve read Cheryl Strayed’s ‘Wild’, you’ll know that successful backpacking is about being harsh with what you take. The first-time camper Strayed packs every gadget she can get her hands on. And, guess what? She barely uses any of them. The lesson here is that you shouldn’t suffer for things you don’t need. Consider the use of everything you’re taking. Are you honestly going to need those teddies your little one insists on? Is that weighty camping guide actually going to get any use? Ask yourselves these questions more than once to make sure you aren’t taking anything unnecessary.

A Packing Checklist For A Camp Backpack You Can Carry

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Find lightweight alternatives

Even once you’re sure you can’t limit your load any further, go on the lookout for lightweight alternatives to your selections. For instance, you could save yourself lugging weighty tent poles by investing in a popup option. Lessen the need for space-wasting floor pads by opting instead for an inflatable mattress like those found at Outdoor Supacentre. You might even want to consider the weight of your pack itself. After all, this also contributes to the overall load you have to wrestle with. In fact, ask yourself if there are alternatives for everything you are taking. Add these lighter options together, and you could save yourself an awful lot of weight.

A Packing Checklist For A Camp Backpack You Can Carry

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Everything in order

As well as considering what you take, it’s worth thinking about how you pack it. For one, make your life easier by keeping items you’ll need during the day on your person. That way, you won’t have to empty your whole pack to reach that water bottle. Other than that, consider how you distribute the weight in your pack. For one, you want to keep heavy things up flush to the back of the bag so that you can lug the load. Then, place your lighter items on the outside. Make sure, too, to consider the balance in your pack. If one side is more cumbersome, you’ll soon run into problems.

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A Packing Checklist For A Camp Backpack You Can Carry

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