The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

Cheers travellers! This post comes to you while enjoying my Sippin Gypsy Sparkling Lemonade as I revisit my travels to the charming historic district of Savannah Georgia.   I love Savannah for her lush shaded squares and beautiful architecture of an age gone by.  Of the many flavour pallets indigenous to America, the southern cuisine is one of my favourites and Savannah delivers every time with creative twists on classic comfort food dishes.

Savannah is also a town to indulge yourself with luxurious accommodations, eclectic shops and boutiques and a people passionate about their hometown. Altogether, these charms combine to help you enjoy the epitome of southern hospitality.

My preference is to visit in the spring or fall.  Savannah can be beastly humid in the summer and brisk in the winter, but she is always beautiful and welcoming. There is so much offered in a very walkable neighbourhood with a comfortable balance of indoor and outdoor options for exploring.  Give yourself at least two to three days to really enjoy Savannah GA and come hungry…you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been to Savannah several times over the years for the simple pleasure of going and just enjoying walking around and exploring.  Each visit I can stroll up a new street and take in the stunning, well-manicured properties with beautiful courtyards and unique details. While in Savannah, I love that many of these beautiful historic homes have been converted into Bed and Breakfast Inns.  One of my favourite Inns is the Hamilton Turner Inn.

The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

The rooms are elegant with touches from the past but very modernized and comfortable with air conditioning and other luxurious details that leave you feeling pampered.  As a Bed and Breakfast, a delicious meal every morning is part of the package.  This is a great way to start the day, a warm home cooked dish with the southern flair.

Many of the Inns also offer a wine reception in the late afternoon. When planning a family getaway to Savannah it is important to note that most of the Bed and Breakfast’s do not allow children, so when the kids go with me to Savannah, we love staying at the Mansion on Forsyth or The Marshall House.

The Mansion of Forsyth is directly across from the beautiful Fortsyth Park with her majestic trees and iconic fountain.  The park includes a playground that the kids can run around on while my husband and I enjoy a cocktail from the lounge in the hotel.

The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

The Mansion on Forsyth also has a sister property on the river, both hotels constantly run a complimentary shuttle between the two locations for guests to save on the distance walking just to get to River and Bay Street or back to Forsyth Park.  The Marshall House is much closer to the action of the historic district of Savannah.

Each room in The Marshall House has carefully preserved details from the past. The building served as a hospital during the civil war so of course there are rumours of ghosts and spirits, but I can assure you during both of my stays at The Marshall House, I had no visitors from other realms or any disrupted sleep.

Southern cuisine…  Rich and hearty with dishes that aren’t afraid of butter, cream and lots of seafood.  Shrimp and Grits, Crab Cakes and Fried Green Tomatoes in some form or another make their way to almost every menu across Savannah.  Olde Pink House and Pirate’s House are iconic Savannah restaurants for classic southern cuisine.

I’ve also enjoyed dining at sunset with a riverfront view at Vics on the River or live music and great cocktails at Jazz’d.  But Savannah isn’t all only southern cuisine, many restaurants pride themselves on unique dishes with fun flavour pairings.  For a more creative dining experience, we’ve had fun trying various plates at Treylor Park or their sister location, Hitch.

The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

Ever had Peanut Butter and Jelly Hot Wings??  I have, at Treylor Park…and they are oddly delicious!! For a special occasion and truly incredible cuisine, Alligator Soul has left a lasting impression on my own foodie soul for memorable flavours and eclectic pairings.  It’s become a tradition with my family to ensure our first morning starts at Mirabelle Café.

While they specialize in Liege Waffles and locally sourced Perc Coffee, all of the goodies on the menu are delicious.  As a break in the middle of hot afternoons, we indulge at another iconic location: Leopold’s Ice Cream… many of the flavours update seasonally….so even if it’s your second or third visit back to Savannah, check out the new flavours and take a moment to cool off.

One of the best things about Savannah: her historic district is an open container area.  Sippin Gypsy Travelers know this means they can grab a delicious cocktail to go and keep exploring!  This is one of my favourite ways to see a city.  I feel like I can see and try so much more.

The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

While in Savannah, I am still getting through the variety of Bloody Marys that are unique to each bar.  No one bar in Savannah makes this cocktail the same way!  Currently one of my favourite Bloody Marys is from the Pirate’s House at the edge of the Historic District.  I order mine extra spicy…  Please share if you have uncovered a favourite spot for great Bloody Marys in Savannah, I’ll add it to my list to try!

Savannah offers so much to explore and see during your visit.  I am a huge fan of tours as an overview when you visit any city.  I have done almost every tour offered in Savannah.  I love a good ghost story, so of course, the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour was right up my alley.

But I truly enjoyed getting into the details of the architecture and history of Savannah Old City Walks paired us with a passionate local that took us through the city and off the main streets to find unique details.  I also highly recommend a Savannah food tour,  I really enjoyed Savannah Taste Experience, this really took me to eclectic places that I may not have originally chosen to visit, but introduced me new spots to come back to and try more!

The Telfair Museums offer a package deal to tour all three of their locations including a tour of the well preserved Owens-Thomas House to see what life was like in early Savannah. Your ticket is good for a few days, so you can spread out the visits to the museums in between other activities. Broughton St. is your main destination for some truly fun shopping experiences.

The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

Please do yourself a favour and stop in for delicious chocolates in the most beautiful boutique at Chocolate by Adam TuroniThe Paris Market is a delightful way to take a break from the heat and shop, you will find chic, posh housewares as well as unique gifts.

As the sun sets, grab a cocktail at Rocks on the Roof of the Bohemian Hotel, this bar offers a stunning view of the river and bridge and is the perfect spot to catch a magical sunset before hitting the town for more sippin and strollin.  Jazz’d and City Market will both offer live music into the night.

But a local favourite is to grab that cocktail to go and pop in and out of different spots for music and fun with your friends.

Savannah really is a beautiful town with so much to offer.  The people are warm and hospitable and set the bar for what true southern hospitality is.  Her careful preservation of historic details and glimpses into the past coupled with her delicious cocktail and cuisine offerings makes Savannah a truly special and memorable getaway.

The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

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The Historic District of Savannah Georgia USA

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