Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest

Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest

Famous for its picturesque architecture and fairytale setting – Budapest’s bustling nightlife can seem a bit overwhelming, which is why I have teamed up with Last Night of Freedom, to put together a roundup of Budapest’s best cocktail bars guaranteed to make your next trip one to remember!

Blue Fox In the Bar

If you’re looking for something a bit unusual, then this cocktail bar is for you! Full to the rim of mesmerising cocktails, Blue Fox is the ultimate mecca for all Instagram worthy cocktails. Presented in the most elegant and imaginative way, this bar is the perfect backdrop for a girl’s day out. This place is known for mixing the classics right, and the innovative new drinks with flair and precision -making you forget everything you thought you knew about cocktails, after an afternoon here.

Tuk Tuk Bar

Take a journey back in time and celebrate the enchanting era of the 1920s, with a stop at the colourful Tuk Tuk bar. Modelled and designed on the period, when women were first allowed to walk accompanied and look glamorous while doing so. This bar offers nothing but a celebration of culture and colourful cocktails. Savour the fresh ingredient, homemade syrups while you watch in awe as the skilled bartenders pour up your favourite cocktails – keeping you entrained all night.

Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest
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One of the most famous cocktail bars in Budapest, this metropolitan is the perfect place for your holiday celebrations. Situated in a grand former university theatre, this bar makes the geometric centre of Budapest. Boasting unique style and flavours, the cocktail menu offers everything from Chai KIOSK, with its Chai tea, infused Absolut vodka, fig jam, Strongbow, gold cider and chocolate bitter – to the equally lethal Margarita Reloaded, made from Corralejo blanco tequila, Grand Marnier, pineapple juice, cardamon syrup and smoked with absinthe.

Warm up

Like the name suggest this bar is the perfect place to start your night out. Changing perceptions of cocktail bars since its opening in 2014, this bar is committed to shake, mix and twist each guest drink in a unique way. To get your very own bespoke cocktail, all you have to do is tell the bartender what kind of flavours, scents and historical eras you enjoy. Warming up has never been more fun!

Bar Pharma

If you’re looking for something a bit different then Bar Pharma is the place for you. Daring to be different, you can enjoy the science of all things alcohol. Designed in vintage pharmacy interiors paired with dim lighting and periodic tables lining the walls, you can enjoy shots of in medicine bottles. When you’re there why not try their signature Millionaire cocktail? Which evokes an ethos of Prohibition-era with cola reduction, vanilla, egg yolk and shaken egg whites.

Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest
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Listed in drink International magazine’s 50 best cocktail bars in the world, the neo-speakeasy Boutiq’Bar, is favoured by ladies looking for a sophisticated hen night.

Thanks to its outstanding reputation, the bartenders are committed to mixing your perfect cocktail.

Get lost in the plethora of ingredients, including Mexican chilli and African vanilla, to Caribbean rose peppercorn and Thai lemongrass to create mouth-watering concoctions. Hanky Panky, Vesper Martini and Flying Dutchman are all Boutiq’Bar classics, but, if you want to truly embrace Hungarian culture on your hen weekend, grab yourselves a round of pálinka – a super strength fruit brandy.

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Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest

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