What To Do On the Days at Sea on a Cruise Ship

What To Do On the Days at Sea on a Cruise Ship - Lucy Williams Global

On a lot of people’s minds when booking a cruise is the days at sea. What can you do onboard?

I get asked these questions all the time ‘what do you do on the days at sea on a cruise ship?’, ‘what do you do on the sea days?’, ‘how you fill your time on the days at sea?’

For a start, it is a cruise ship, not a container ship, so it is full to the brim with things to do. There are activities going on all day onboard and there is a daily ship newspaper that tells you what is going on from morning to night.

Activities range from painting, card games, ship games, cooking, ice carving and fruit carving demonstrations, movies, shows, seminars about ports, wildlife, how to use your camera, jewellery, gemstones, hair and beauty, fitness, weight loss, and more subjects. Then there is shopping, wine tasting, art auctions, trivia, Zumba classes, fitness classes, gambling and lots more.

A cruise ship has many lounges, bars, restaurants, shops, a spa, a casino, sun decks, pools, jacuzzis, gym, running track and decks to explore.

I keep myself quite busy and I’m on my own most of the day while my husband is working (he works onboard).

So, what do you do on the days at sea on a cruise ship?

A typical day at sea for me for me is:

Morning at Sea

Tai Chi Class, Zumba Class, coffee, check emails, freshen up for lunch.

Afternoon at Sea

Lunch, reading or listening to a podcast, write blog articles and then get ready for the evening if going out.

Evening at Sea

Drinks at in the bar and then dinner and maybe a show.

This is just an example, days change all the time! If I am cruising in a hot climate I will sit in the adults only part of the sun deck, that way it is quiet. With no kids running around or splashing in the pool. I like to walk around the deck for an hour and listen to music or a podcast, I do this if it is hot or cold.

Days at Sea Ideas

If you are travelling as a couple or group, you do not need to do everything together. Decide what you would like to do and meet up later for coffee, lunch or dinner. As there are so many activities going on onboard throughout the day and evening.

The way to think about it is that you can do what you like as you are on vacation. If you would like to catch up on your sleep, sleep! Read those books you have meaning to, have that full body massage or your nails done. Lay by the pool all day, drink every cocktail on the menu or go to trivia and every activity available, you can it’s your cruise.

If you are travelling with your kids check them into the kids club if they are old enough and let them play while you play!

Days at sea do not need to be boring, enjoy your free time to relax. Cruise ships in this age are far from boring. They are only boring if you do not know how to use your time!

What will you be doing on the days at sea on your next cruise?

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Happy Cruising!

Love Lucy x

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