Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger – Part 1

Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger Part 1 - Lucy Williams Global


Welcome to the new Sunday feature a ‘Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger’. Earlier this year we had ‘The Officer Wife Series Travel & Cruise Tips Q & A’ and I had such great feedback I thought let’s get another cruise perspective and who better to ask than the actual passengers!

Being an officer wife on a cruise ship, I meet some lovely people from all over the world and I found some great volunteers to give you all their cruise tips.

This week we will feature Kathy A. She is from California in the USA. She has been on around 25 cruises! So she knows a lot about cruising. Let’s see what cruise tips she has for you.


Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger Part 1 - Lucy Williams Global

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What is your favourite port in the world?

My favourite port is Los Angeles (San Pedro) California. This is where I start and finish several great cruises. I also like Vancouver for its beauty going up to Alaska.

What is your favourite cruise?

My favourite cruise is to Alaska. Such natural beauty each time I’m up there. (7 times so far!)

Why do you like cruising?

I like cruising since it’s a floating hotel, restaurant, gym, theatre, all onboard while travelling to different ports around the world. I really enjoy unpacking my bags just once on a trip! I enjoy meeting people from around the world and enjoy nurturing several lifelong friendships from my days onboard!

What cruise tips would you give to a first-time cruiser?

First-time cruiser – enjoy and try everything! Take it all in! Have fun!

Do you have any packing tips?

Packing tips – take half of what you think you need! Read Lucy’s blog on packing too! :.))

What type of cabin do you prefer onboard?

I prefer a cabin with a window or balcony. I love to see the scenery and what’s coming on the port side!

Do you like formal nights? 

I like formal nights! I like to get dressed up and enjoy a special night of seeing others dressed up, taking pictures, captain’s champagne reception, and enjoying the overall atmosphere onboard!


Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger - Part 1

Do you book your cruises far in advance or last minute?

We have done both types of reservations over the years. We have booked in advance to get a specific trip and room. We have also booked at the last minute just to get onboard for a last minute trip.

Is there a lot of planning involved for you when you book a cruise?

We do not do a lot of planning when booking a cruise since we let the expert our travel agent do the work! She will take care of all the details for us! We just tell her when, where, and she gives us several options and then off we go.

What is the longest cruise you have been on and would you do it again?

The longest cruise we’ve been on was a 28 day trip to Hawaii and Tahiti. Yes, we would go again when we have time to see all of those islands and see their beauty once again!


Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger Part 1 - Lucy Williams Global



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I hope you enjoyed reading a Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger. They gave some great cruise tips and next Sunday you can read more Q & A’s.

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Happy Cruising!

Love Lucy x

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Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger Part 1 - Lucy Williams Global

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