What Does It Mean To Take A Nature Holiday?

What Does It Mean To Take A Nature Holiday?

What is a nature holiday?

Behind this, apparently simple question hides a world of opportunities and choices. Indeed, there is no such thing as just a holiday in nature. As everyone has different needs and interests, it’s fair to say that no two nature-inspired vacations are the same. Whether you’re an explorer or you just want to leave the stress of the town behind for a holiday, there are plenty of options available to suit all personalities.

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What Does It Mean To Take A Nature Holiday?
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An outdoorsy kind of town

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of town and outdoor sites, you need to select cities that can do both rural and urban. Take a look at Vancouver, for instance. on the north shore, you’ll find mountains and ski resorts. Queenstown, in New Zealand, also combines the perfect mix of urban facilities with outdoorsy elements, keeping it a relaxing place to be if you want the reassuring sensation of being in the middle of modern civilisation.

Rediscovering the charm of the British Riviera

How about a little trip down the memory lane and the glorious 1930s in the British Riviera? If you’ve ever watched an episode of Poirot or Miss Marple, you know exactly what this means. Born in Torquay, Agatha Christie has used the region as a source of inspiration in her novels and you’ll feel her touch in most holiday homes Devon based. You’ll find there the ideal marriage of cosy cottages, coastline and quietly busy lifestyle. It’s impossible not to want to put an elegant dress on and walk down the harbour like one of Christie’s characters.

Discovering the other side of a country

What if you’re looking for an immersive experience of nature and culture together? If you’re fit – fit enough to hike daily – you might be interested in following some of the discovery trails that take you on a journey at the heart of an unknown region. The hiking trails in Japan take you away from Tokyo and let you dive into the complexity of this spiritual and nature-friendly culture. Whether you want to follow a sacred pilgrimage or to see a volcano, there’s a trail for you.

What Does It Mean To Take A Nature Holiday?
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On the water

It’s funny, but when people think of nature-inspired holidays, they tend to picture themselves in the mountains or by the beach. But if you know how to sail, you’ll love the idea of embarking on a sailing vacation where you can hire a boat and visit new destinations. For simple and close destinations such as Greece for beginners to 20 days sailing to Seychelles for experienced sailors, you can wash your worries away on the ocean.

The spirit of Christmas

Finally, not all nature holidays need to happen during the summer. You could spend your Christmas under the Finnish sky. Luxury igloo accommodations let you lie down under the Northern Light and watch the snowflakes melt on top of the glass roof. You can see the lights dancing in the sky from August until April, but all tourists agree that they are at their best in a snowy landscape.

In conclusion, it’s time to design the nature holiday that suits your personality. From enthusiastic explorers to romantic igloo-lovers, everyone expects something different from their bond to nature.

What Does It Mean To Take A Nature Holiday?
Photo Credit www.pexels.com

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