Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger – Part 3

Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger Part 3 - Lucy Williams Global


Welcome to the new Sunday feature a ‘Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger’. Earlier this year we had ‘The Officer Wife Series Travel & Cruise Tips Q & A’ and I had such great feedback I thought let’s get another cruise perspective and who better to ask than the actual passengers!

Being an officer wife on a cruise ship, I meet some lovely people from all over the world and I found some great volunteers to give you all their cruise tips.

This week we will feature Mariana. She is from Berlin, Germany and now lives in Phoenix, AZ  in the USA. She has been cruising for 35 years and has been on around 61 cruises!

The very first cruise she went on was to Alaska, with Princess Cruises and says ‘nothing feels as good as being on the ocean’.  She has been to the Mediterranean, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Iceland, Greenland, Canada/New England, the Far East, the Panama Canal and would love to visit Australia.

Let’s see what cruise tips she has for you.


Part 2 Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger


What is your favourite port in the world? 

Very hard to say, but St. Petersburg was awesome. So much history, beautiful Hermitage Museum and much more.


What is your favourite cruise?

Oh Boy! Too many to mention. We loved the Baltics (Northern Europe), South America with so much beauty, best glaciers in Chilean Fjords, of course, Osaka & Kyoto (Japan).


Part 2 Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger


Why do you like cruising?

Most relaxing way to travel. All inclusive, only unpack once. A wonderful way to meet exciting people and make new friends.


What cruise tips would you give to a first-time cruiser?

Read up on your new destinations, check the cruise website and look at the layout of your ship, choose to cruise for Value, Activities, Simplicity, Pampering & Romance.



Part 2 Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger

Do you have any packing tips?

DO NOT OVERPACK. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have packed too much and come home with pieces of clothing that were never worn. 2 pair of shoes and a pair of good walking tennis shoes is all you need. Poolside will require a pair of Flip Flops. Lay out your wardrobe and match up 2 or 3 items that will give you the look you love.



What type of cabin do you prefer onboard? 

Balcony, Aft of the ship, less noise and motion. Once you have a balcony, you’ll never go back to an ocean window. Your balcony can add “space” to your stateroom, it brings the outside in, you can watch all the activities while in port, relax on your private balcony with a glass of wine.


Do you like formal nights?

YES! I love the opportunity to dress up. But I do keep it simple, elegant and comfortable. Black is always in style. Make it dressy with Pearls or rhinestone beads, add a sparkly top.


Part 2 Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger

Do you book your cruises far in advance or last minute?

Not last minute, but usually 8 months to a year out.


Is there a lot of planning involved for you when you book a cruise?

Not any more. In our younger years, we had to consider our business and of course the children.


What is the longest cruise you have been on and would you do it again? 

17 days from Seattle to Osaka. Yes, I would love to take longer cruises.


Part 2 Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger

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I hope you enjoyed reading a Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger. They gave some great cruise tips and next Sunday you can read more Q & A’s.

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Happy Cruising!

Love Lucy x

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Q & A with a Cruise Ship Passenger Part 3 - Lucy Williams Global

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