How to Enjoy the Local Cuisine When You Travel Whilst Pregnant

How to Enjoy the Local Cuisine When You Travel Whilst Pregnant

There’s no doubt you deserve a break from everyday life at some point during your pregnancy, and travel — whether you’re taking a staycation or a trip abroad — is the perfect way to do that.

But if you do choose to leave the country, there’s more to think about than usual, especially when it comes to food. Trying different meals is one of the best things about travelling, but not all foods are safe for pregnant women to eat.

Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy the local cuisine when you travel whilst pregnant. All that’s needed is a little planning, and you’ll be well on your way.

Here are our top tips.

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How to Enjoy the Local Cuisine When You Travel Whilst Pregnant
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Research the local cuisine before you go

Don’t head off to the airport with absolutely no idea of what to expect when you reach your destination. Find out what kind of food will be served in restaurants and what kind of produce tends to be available in supermarkets. You’ll know what dishes to look out for when you go out to eat, making scanning the menus easier.

And no one likes to do a supermarket dash when they’re hungry — it’ll save you lots of time if you know what kind of food you can take away or cook for yourself.

How to Enjoy the Local Cuisine When You Travel Whilst Pregnant
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Make a list of foods you need to avoid

Chances are you’ll have done this as soon as you found out you were pregnant, but it’s worth double-checking once you’ve decided on a holiday destination, just in case you’ve missed anything.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy:

Soft cheeses with white rinds, and soft blue cheeses
Raw or partially cooked egg
Raw or undercooked meat or fish, including cold cured meats
Pâté, liver and game
Unpasteurised milk or yogurt

For more details about maintaining a healthy diet during your pregnancy, visit the NHS website.

How to Enjoy the Local Cuisine When You Travel Whilst Pregnant
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Learn some of the language

Although many people around the world can speak a considerable amount of English, locals always appreciate it when you make an effort to speak their language. And what better opportunity to try it out than when you’re in a café or restaurant?

Find out a few key phrases so you can communicate with staff and make sure your food is free from any potentially harmful ingredients.

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Drink bottled water

Not all tap water is unsafe, but sometimes it’s better to err on the side of caution. Drinking bottled water will give you peace of mind and you’ll be able to stay hydrated, which is especially important during pregnancy.

Remember: You’ll need to replace fluids if you’re still suffering from morning sickness. Take this into account when you bring your water with you, and refill your bottle at every opportunity.

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