How to Deal with Jet Lag

How to Deal with Jet Lag - Lucy Williams Global

Jet Lag is hard to deal with especially on longhaul flights, but when you have found cheap flights to Dubai you just try to learn the best ways to deal with jet lag.

Getting cheap flights to Dubai or other destinations will make you happy as you can’t keep the smile off your face that you found a great deal.

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When you get a good deal on flights that, makes the vacation much better and the last thing on your mind is jet lag.

Adjusting to new time zones is always difficult on the body, but there are some ways that help you deal with jet lag better.

How to Deal with Jet Lag - Lucy Williams Global
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Try to have a good nights sleep before a flight as you will feel more relaxed. If you are going to sleep on the flight only have a nap as sleeping for the whole flight will make you more tired when you reach your destination.

Avoid Alcohol

Try to avoid alcohol at the airport and on the plane as this is only going to make you dehydrated and add to the tiredness when you get to your destination.

Avoid Caffeine

Coffee and fizzy drinks are best to avoid too, as these will dehydrate your body and add to the jet lag tiredness.

How to Deal with Jet Lag - Lucy Williams Global

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Don’t Take Sleeping Pills

You may think it is a good idea to sleep through the flight, but sleeping pills will make you feel a lot worse in the long run of jet lag. So, try to take naps onboard with out the pills.


It is hard to avoid the salt and sugar in the flight meals, just try to avoid the pasta and bread options. The cheese and crackers are the good part of the meal to eat.

Set Your Watch

Set your watch to the time of destination onboard the plane to trick your mind that you are already in that time zone.

Only do this once you are onboard and if you have a direct flight or on the last leg as otherwise to may miss a flight!

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water before, onboard the plane and when you reach your destination. If water is not your favourite beverage try herbal tea as there is always hot water available onboard. If your body is hydrated it is easier to get over jet lag.

How to Deal with Jet Lag - Lucy Williams Global

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Move Around

Keep your blood flowing by moving around on the plane. Get up every few hours or do the exercises that are suggested in the inflight magazine and wear the special flight socks. Keeping the blood flowing as the circulation slowing down is a one of the causes of jet lag.


Probably the last thing you want to do when you reach your destination, but it will help the body to get the blood flowing again and the good endorphins will help beat the tiredness.

Stay Awake

When you reach your destination stay awake if it is not bed time, to get into the time zone and then you will sleep at the correct time.

Flying can be fun, but jet lag isn’t! So, try to keep these points in mind on your next long haul flight. If you got cheap flights to Dubai keep smiling!

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How to Deal with Jet Lag - Lucy Williams Global
How to Deal with Jet Lag - Lucy Williams Global

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