Enjoying An Underwater Safari In The Great Barrier Reef

Enjoying An Underwater Safari In The Great Barrier Reef Australia- Lucy Williams Global

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders, offering experiences like nowhere else on earth. Beneath those crystal waters, you can encounter some fascinating wildlife and enjoy your own underwater safari. What can you expect to see in the Great Barrier Reef? Take a look at this useful guide for travellers.

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Enjoying An Underwater Safari In The Great Barrier Reef
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Getting to the Great Barrier Reef

First things first, you need to get there! The Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of northeastern Australia. It’s easy to get to from Queensland, with regular trips to the Great Barrier Reef from Brisbane and other locations in the state. Many people choose to sail the Whitsundays to get to see the best of the Great Barrier Reef, but you’ll also find excursions to travel further afield to enjoy diving and snorkeling tours, etc.

Wonderful marine life

You can expect to find a wealth of marine life in the Great Barrier Reef, with the warm waters providing the perfect habitat for several creatures. Dolphins, whales, and porpoises are a common sight, and you’ll easily find tours to go dolphin spotting and whale watching to help you stand the best chance of seeing these creatures in the wild. July – October offers some of the best months to see these fascinating sea mammals.

Incredible reptiles

Australia is known for having a wonderful and unique range of wildlife, and things are no different in the water. During a dive in the Great Barrier Reef, you could find sea turtles, crocodiles and sea snakes amongst the many creatures who switch between land and sea. Check out places where you can find sea turtles to get a closer look at these fascinating creatures.

Swim among the fish, and sharks…

If you’re a fan of Finding Nemo, you’ll no doubt want to experience many of the fish featured up close, and the Great Barrier Reef certainly delivers. There are many species of fish to be found in these waters, including angelfish, butterfly fish, surgeonfish and of course, the clownfish. As well as the many colourful species of fish, there are also sharks to watch out for. You’ll find reef sharks, tiger sharks, hammerheads and more. While many shark species are harmless to drivers, you might want to think twice about watching Jaws before your visit.

Enjoying An Underwater Safari In The Great Barrier Reef
Photo Credit Pixabay 

The magnificent coral

Last but not least, of course, is the magnificent coral that is found in the Great Barrier Reef. With more than 360 species of hard coral, you’ll be able to discover all sorts of natural wonders under the water. It’s a ‘look but don’t touch’ situation, however, as coral is in urgent need of protection with many initiatives to protect it as a result of global warming and other environmental factors.

The Great Barrier Reef really is a marvel, and makes for an incredible adventure. If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime, plan your visit to Australia and be sure to take in this incredible world wonder. Want to enjoy further wildlife adventures Down Under? Take a look at this post on things to do in Cairns if you love koalas and kangaroos!

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Enjoying An Underwater Safari In The Great Barrier Reef Australia- Lucy Williams Global

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