50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller - Lucy Williams Global

Gifts are always hard to think of but if you have a cruiser in the family or cruise loving friends this is the gift guide for you with 50 useful gifts for the cruise traveller.

Here are 50 items within all price ranges that are actually useful for going on a cruise.

I spend most of the year on board a cruise ship so I really know what is useful to have with you when on a cruise. 

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50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

1. Packing Cubes 

Packing Cubes are an item that everyone should use when packing their luggage, whether it be a backpack or a suitcase. They make packing easier and a lot more organized.

2. Carry On Luggage

Carry-On Luggage is essential when joining a cruise ship as your luggage is delivered to your cabin just before the ship sails. Having Carry-On Luggage on embarkation day means you have the essentials you need.

3. Luggage

Luggage is something a cruiser will always need. There can be some great deals in the outlet section on some luggage websites, they may not be the latest designs, but fantastic quality.

4. TSA Padlocks

TSA padlocks are essential if you flying through the USA as the TSA could search your luggage at any time without you present. If your padlocks are not TSA approved the locks will be broken off and unusable again. 

5. Luggage Strap

Luggage straps are very helpful when travelling as they make your luggage more identifiable, especially if you have a black case.

50 Best Cruise Gifts - Lucy Williams Global

50 Best Cruise Gifts

6. Luggage Scales

Luggage scales are a necessity with airlines tightening the rules on luggage allowance, so having a travel-sized scales is always handy.

7. Luggage Label 

Luggage labels are essential to identify your luggage when flying and cruising.

8. Cruise Luggage Tag

Cruise Luggage Tags protect the paper printout that you need to put on your luggage before you join the cruise ship, then your luggage is delivered to the correct cabin with the tag intact. 

9. Lanyard

Lanyards make life easier to hold your cruise card (cabin key/ship ID card) without having to carry a bag or have a pocket to put in.

10. Passport Cover 

Passport covers protect your passport from wear and tear and add some personalisation. 

50 useful gifts for the cruise traveller

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller - Lucy Williams Global

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

11. Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are great for keeping all your travel documents together, so no worrying about where everything is when travelling.

12. Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are helpful when on your own or to get a shot of the family without bothering anyone else to take your photo. 

13. Portable Battery Charger

Portable battery chargers are a must when going out all day in port to keep your phone battery full and never miss a photo opportunity.

14. iPhone/iPad Cable

iPhone/iPad ad cables are needed to charge the phone/pad with the regular country plug, portable battery charger or with USB wall chargers. Always handy to have a spare cable.

15. World Adapter 

A world adapter is handy for hotel rooms before joining a cruise, onboard and in ports.

50 Best Cruise Gifts - Lucy Williams Global

50 Useful Cruise Gifts

16. iPhone

An iPhone is perfect to take on a cruise as is a good camera and it is a computer that fits in your pocket.

17. iPad

An iPad is great for cruising as it can be used for so many things; a computer, book, magazine, newspaper, play games, watch movies/tv shows, etc.

18. Camera

A camera is a lovely gift for a cruiser, as who goes on a cruise without taking any photos? 

19. Kindle

If you know someone that loves to read a Kindle is a great gift. Especially the ones that can be read in sunlight too, so they can read on the pool deck. 

20. Insulated Water Bottle 

There is nothing worse than a bottle of water that has got warm, so an insulated water bottle is very handy when cruising for going ashore and exploring the ports.

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

50 useful gifts for the cruise traveller

50 Best Cruise Gifts - Lucy Williams Global

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

21. Travel Coffee Cup

Everyone should have a travel coffee cup as it is better for the environment and the cup keeps the coffee warmer for longer if you buy an insulated one.

22. Backpack

A backpack is very handy for going ashore in port, to carry the water bottle, camera, souvenirs, etc. It is better for your back to use a backpack than a shoulder bag.

23. Travel Beach Towel

A travel beach towel is better than an ordinary beach towel as they are made from a microfibre that is lighter and dries quicker. This way they do not take too much space in your luggage and they dry quickly for packing. They can also be used as an exercise mat in the cabin.

24. Travel Yoga Mat

If you know a cruise yogi then this is the perfect gift, as most people that practice yoga prefer to use their own mat. A travel yoga mat can be used onboard, in hotels, at home and in the yoga studio. 

25. Travel Laundry Bag

We all have laundry, so a nice bag to put it in when cruising is nice and it is easier to store in the cabin. If you are going to do your laundry when onboard it is nice to have a bag to carry to the laundrette. 

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

26. Travel Journal 

This is a lovely way to record the cruise on which ports you went to and what happened on the cruise.

27. Travel Wash Bag

Everyone needs a wash bag for their toiletries on a cruise, so this is always a useful gift.

28. Travel Sized Toiletries

A gift with travel-sized toiletries is always going to be handy for someone that travels a lot.

29. Travel Silk Pillow Case

A silk pillowcase is a perfect gift for someone that wants to protect their skin and hair while cruising or have sensitive skin. 

50 useful gifts for the cruise traveller

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller - Lucy Williams Global

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

30. Beach Towel Clips

Beach towel clips are very useful to use to hold your beach towel to your sun lounger when onboard at the pool deck as it does get windy. Also, they can be used to clip your towels/clothing to the chairs on your balcony if you travel in a balcony cabin. 

31. Travel Make up bag

A smaller make up bag for travelling is useful as you don’t need all your whole make up collection for a cruise.

32. Magnetic hooks

The walls in the cabins on board are magnetic so magnetic hooks are handy for hanging up extra things like necklaces, bracelets, bags, hats and sticks things to the wall.

33. Nautical Phone Case

This is just a fun gift, especially if they love their phone and cruising!

34. Nautical iPad Case

Another fun gift for the iPad lover and cruiser lover!

35. Nautical Kindle Case

A fun way to accessorise the Kindle!

50 Best Cruise Gifts - Lucy Williams Global

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

36. Cruised Themed T-Shirts

There are many play on words cruise ship T-shirts around and I’m sure this would bring a smile to the cruise lovers face.

37. Waterproof Phone Cover

A waterproof phone case is essential on the beach, boat trip or by the pool on board to keep your phone dry.

38. Beach/Pool Bag

A beach/pool bag is essential for a warm itinerary to carry towels, cameras, phones, etc.

39. Stationary 

If you are travelling with friends or family on a cruise, stationary such as post-it notes, pens, tape, paper come in handy to stick notes to cabin doors.

40. Power Strip

Plug sockets are never in the right place or close to a mirror, so bringing a travel power strip will make getting ready or charging your phone a little easier.

50 useful gifts for the cruise traveller

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller - Lucy Williams Global

50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller

41. Portable Speakers

If you like to listen to your music in the cabin, portable speakers that link to your phone/iPad are a  really handy gift.

42. Binoculars 

Binoculars are the perfect gift for the wildlife spotter or the nosy! 

43. Sunscreen & Aftersun 

On warm itineraries, everyone needs sunscreen and probably some aftersun for the missed bits!

44. Hat

Hats are always good for warm or cold itineraries on a cruise.

45. Alarm Clock 

If you do not travel with a cell phone, an alarm clock is handy to have for those early morning tours. 

46. Seasick Tablets / Travel Bands

This can be a serious or a joke present for the cruiser you know.

47. Corkscrew / Bottle Opener

Most cruise lines allow one bottle of wine per person to bring on board, but if you would like to drink it in your cabin you will need a corkscrew!

48. Laundry Delicates Bag

If you are going to wash your laundry onboard, delicate bags are essential for underwear and delicate items of clothing, as the machines are not like the ones you have at home.

49. Small Purse

A small purse is handy on a cruise to carry a cruise card (cabin key), cell phone, etc.

50. Cabin Door Organiser  

This is a great gift for the over-packer, if you bring a lot on your cruise a door organiser will help you with all those shoes, bags, accessories, etc that you don’t know where to put in the closet as you have run out of room!

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I hope you enjoyed reading 50 Useful Gifts for the Cruise Traveller and now know what to buy for the cruise lover you know.

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Happy Travels

50 Best Cruise Gifts - Lucy Williams Global

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