Why You Need To Go On A Northern Lights Cruise

Why You Need to go on a Northern Lights Cruise

There is something very magical about witnessing the northern Lights with your own eyes as it is not something you can see everyday.

Seeing a rainbow of colours against the dark sky is something so beautiful to see that you will never forget it.

It is normally a once in a lifetime experience, unless you do live in the part of the world that they can be seen.

This is why you need to go on a Northern Lights cruise, as this type of cruise knows where to go Northern Light spotting.

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Why You Need to go on a Northern Lights Cruise

What Are The Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are bright natural light in all colours of the rainbow in the dark sky.

It can be just one colour of several and they can only be seen in high latitude regions.

This is Mother Nature’s magical light show and with take your breath away.

How Can You See The Northern Lights?

To see the Northern Lights you need to be in a high latitude region such Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Alaska and northern parts of Canada.

The Northern Lights do not come out on timer, so it is a right time right place situation.

The best times of year to hopefully see the Northern Lights are late August through to mid April. 

Why You Need to go on a Northern Lights Cruise

Why Go On A Northern Lights Cruise?

Going on a Northern Lights cruise is a great way to spot the aurora lights as the itineraries are geared up to see them. 

Some cruises that specialise in the Northern Lights include over thirty Norwegian ports, one hundred fjords and one thousand mountains. 

Where you will enjoy some amazing scenery in the day time and hopefully a magnificent light show by night time. 

Cruising through the Norwegian Fjords is one of the most scenic and breathtaking cruises that you can go on.

Between scenic cruising and the ports, you will not be disappointed as every day has beautiful scenery.

Why You Need to go on a Northern Lights Cruise

Going on a cruise is always a fabulous way to travel, but adding the Northern Lights to the itinerary makes it even more special.

If you like the outdoors Norway is the country to visit, between hiking, kayaking, dog sledging, skiing, snowmobiling and other amazing tours you will never get bored.

Go on a Northern Lights cruise for a bucket list experience –  a cruise and the Northern Lights!

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Happy Cruising!

Why You Need to go on a Northern Lights Cruise

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