Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want

Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want - Lucy Williams Global

Travel gifts are handy for the full time traveller or the weekend breaker. If you travel you need the accessories to travel. But what travel gifts do travellers actually want?

I travel most of the year and I have most of these items on this gift guide list and I would not travel without any of them, while some are a more on the novelty gift side that I’m sure some travellers would love, hint hint!

This travel gift guide has a price point for everyone from a secret Santa gift, stocking stuffer to a lovely gift for under the tree.

Any traveller would like to receive any of these gifts and all of them are available from Amazon the one stop shop so they are easy to find in the USA or UK.


Decent Luggage is on any traveller’s list as no one wants luggage that is going to last 5 minutes! The brand I love and has done me proud is Eastpak. I use their medium suitcase and carry on suitcase. They are really hard wearing and they come in some great colours. My other favourite brands for luggage are Samsonite and Antler, that I have used in the past.

Portable Phone Charger & Cable

How I lived without a portable phone charger, I don’t know! I carry mine with me everywhere I go. From a shopping trip to a day out sightseeing. Phone batteries do not last as they used to as we use them for everything now. My favourite brand is Anker with an Amazon Basics iPhone cable.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a lifesaver when it comes to packing, it just makes it easier to do. They keep your luggage organised and there is no embarrassment at the airport if you have to open up your luggage. My favourite brand for packing cubes are eBags, mine have lasted me years.

Foldaway Shopping Bag

Be good to the environment, save money and do away with flimsy plastic bags that split as soon you put something in it. I always carry a foldaway shopping bag, as they are very handy to have for putting your shopping in or putting something wet inside.

Travel Sized Umbrella

A decent travel umbrella is essential on your travels as who wants one that breaks as soon as a gust of wind comes in.

Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want - Lucy Williams Global


Headphones are a great gift as they can be used on a plane, train, bus, ship, in the gym, meditating, running, walking or to have some quiet time. I would be lost without mine on my travels.


A camera is personal, but if you know the person you are buying it for I’m sure they have a tech spec they would like.

Insulated Water Bottle

Love, love love! An insulated water bottle is one of the best things I got this year and it changed the way I drink water as it keeps it the temperature that I want it at. I have a Moon Bottle, but there are many other great brands that do the same.


A backpack is such a useful item to have when travelling, as it is much easier to carry and is better for your back. I didn’t really start using a backpack until this year and now I always have it with me on sight-seeing tours, going to the beach or long days out.

Fitness Tracker

A Fitbit or smartwatch is very handy when travelling as it tracks your steps, tells you how active you have been, tells the time, alerts you when your phone is ringing or received a message and much more. I love wearing my Fitbit.

Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want - Lucy Williams Global

Scratch Off Travel Map

A scratch-off map is a fun way to show where you have been in the world and also remember where you have been. I wish I had one of these when I first started travelling.

Luggage Scales

Luggage scales are very important when travelling these days as airlines are getting stricter with luggage allowance. Having these makes going to the airport a lot less stressful.

TSA Padlocks

If flying to the USA TSA approved padlocks are essential as otherwise, you may receive broken locks with a note inside your case from the TSA. This happened to me a few years ago, now I always travel with TSA approved padlocks.

World Adapter

A world adapter for electrical items is a necessity when travelling to another country where the plug socket is different from your appliance. Also having one with USB ports is very helpful charging phones and tablets too.

Travel Themed Jewellery

Travel themed jewellery is just a bit of fun, but a great gift for a traveller.

Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want - Lucy Williams Global

Travel Journal

A travel journal is a lovely way to make notes about your travels to remember where you went, what you saw and when.

Luggage Tags

We all need luggage labels for our luggage to identify it and it is always nice to have a nice one or even a spare as sometimes they fall off or get tatty.

Travel Document Wallet

A travel document wallet is a great way to keep organised when travelling, especially at the airport or going a cruise ship.

Travel Speakers

I can’t live without music or podcasts and travel speakers make your hotel room, apartment or cabin come to life and keep you entertained.

Passport Cover

A passport cover is a nice gift to protect your passport and give it a personal touch.

Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want

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I hope you enjoyed reading Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want and now have some ideas for a secret Santa gift, stocking stuffer to a gift for under the tree.

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Happy Travels

Travel Gifts That Travellers Actually Want


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