A Trip To Wales Never Fails

A Trip To Wales Never Fails UK

Not a lot of people have had the pleasure of experiencing everything the UK has to offer. When you’re dealing with a country which has such a rich history, it can be a challenge to fit seeing all of it into a single lifetime. A lot of people focus their efforts in this area towards the biggest parts of the country, like London and Manchester. In reality, though, some of the best sightseeing is found far off the beaten track, and the small country of Wales is a great place to turn when you want to experience some true beauty.

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A Trip To Wales Never Fails UK
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Starting Out In Cardiff

While this post is mostly about the rural areas in Wales, it’s going to start in the capital of Wales; Cardiff. Over the last few decades, this city has undergone some serious changes, with vast improvements to the infrastructure earning it a place as one of the most popular places to live throughout the whole of the UK. With great shopping, nightlife, and loads of attractions to visit, starting your journey in this city is always a good way to go. Of course, it helps that there is an airport and several great train links which help connect Cardiff to its surrounding cities.

As for things to do, Cardiff is packed with loads of different options for you to enjoy. Having been at the heart of a lot of the area’s history throughout time, a lot of the most popular things to do are museums and theatres. There’s no need to let this fool you, though, as there are plenty of options which are aimed at fun, too. Few places are able to offer such a unique blend of rural hospitality and the style and grace which is found in a modern city. This makes it a must-see when you’re touring around the UK, even if it is your only stop is Wales.

Stopping Off In Swansea

As you travel West from Cardiff, you will find yourself moving along beautiful coasts, eventually landing in Swansea. This place is much less geared towards tourists than Cardiff, presenting an accurate view of what life is like for locals in the area. Starting out as a mining town, this place has a lot of history wrapped up in it, and this means that it offers similar attractions to the ones found in the capital. Along with this, though, Swansea also has a large bay and pier, making it perfect for those who like to spend time by the sea.

A Trip To Wales Never Fails UK
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Into The Beacons

The Brecon Beacons are one of the three national parks which can be found in Wales. Sitting just North of Swansea, this is a great place to go to next on your journey, offering loads when it comes to natural sights. The area is flatter than much of the country, but still has its share of massive hills and small mountains for you to climb and explore. If you like the chance to see the stars, this part of Wales could be the best place to do it, with national recognition for the darkness of the sky during the night.

You won’t be stuck for things to do when you decide to travel to an area like this. Not only will you find loads of woodland and other natural landscapes, but you will also be able to experience a lot of history. This area is famed for the amount of dinosaur remains which have been found by professionals and amateurs alike, giving you the chance to learn about a time which has been lost to the ages. There is a good mix of activities which are designed for both adults and children when you go down this route.

Along with taking in some history, it will also be worth seeing what the Beacons have to offer on the side of mother nature. Filled with cave complexes, waterfalls, and other organic monuments, you will find it hard to fit everything in when you’re only here for a couple of days. To make this all a little bit easier, it will be best to find a way to stay as close to the action as possible. If the weather is good enough for it, this makes camping a great option, but this is something which you need to research for yourself.

Pass To Pembrokeshire

Moving onto the next national park on offer in Wales, it’s time to head back towards the West, and into the Pembrokeshire Coast. While this small country has largely surrounded by the ocean, there are few areas which can match the beauty of this park, with huge cliffs, sandy beaches, and the rolling countryside which you’ll get used to on your visit. You can even take a ferry to some of the local islands, getting the chance to see Wales and England from a position which few will have had the chance to experience.

Like much of Wales, Pembrokeshire is home to several castles, stately homes, and other old buildings which can give you an insight into the history of the place. While some people may not enjoy this side of a place, it can be a great way to learn about the people who call it home, along with giving you plenty of chances to take photos and enjoy experiences akin to an episode of Game of Thrones. In fact, thanks in part to the popularity of shows like that, several companies have started offering medieval experiences to make your trip all the more authentic.

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Straight Up To Snowdonia

Finally, as the last place to visit in this post, it’s time to take a look at the most popular national park in Wales; Snowdonia. Home to the world-famous Mount Snowdon, this area has good reason for its popularity, and a lot of people long for the chance to experience it. The mountain is open throughout the year, with train rides and walks to the summit being readily available, and loads of attractions throughout the journey. If you’re lucky, you’ll probably see some snow sitting on the top of this peak.

For those who are more interested in the creations of humans than those made by nature, the Dinorwig Power Station is waiting for you in the hills of Snowdonia. Known locally as Electric Mountain, this is one of the world’s only examples of a hydroelectric storage plants, and tours are offered to the general public for a very fair price. You will get very few chances to see something like this throughout your life, making it worth spending some time to take this opportunity while you can.

When you’re staying in a national park with so much to offer, it’s important to make sure that you have the right accommodation for the job. Being out of reach of all of the action will make your trip into a challenge, and this is exactly what you want to avoid. To help out with this, you can find loads of caravans for sale in Wales, enabling you to visit whenever you like, while also giving you the chance to soak everything up in individual trips. Of course, if you prefer, you can also look at the idea of borrowing someone else’s.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start planning your next vacation. Wales is a truly beautiful place, with loads of different attractions and sights for you to enjoy. Of course, though, like any trip, it’s always worth doing your research to make sure that you’re not missing anything which you’d like to see.

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A Trip To Wales Never Fails UK


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