Why You Need To Go on a Californian Coastal Cruise

Why You Need To Go On A Californian Coastal Cruise

If you are not from the state of Californian in the USA a Californian Coastal Cruise is a really great cruise to go on.

It’s not the first cruise that comes to mind as one of my favourites, but this time I really enjoyed it and thought I need to spread the word.

This was a ten day cruise return to Vancouver stopping in the ports of Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

The cruise started in Vancouver, then two days at sea, a day in each port apart from San Francisco that was a day and a half and then two sea days back to Vancouver. 

What I forgot about this cruise is that there is so much to do in each port. 

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a huge city and there is a lot to see from Hollywood to Long Beach.

If you have never been to Hollywood this is the cruise to see it. Then there is Long Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Universal Studios and Disneyland.

I visited a friend that lives in Long Beach and we went to Seal Beach and did a little shopping at an outlet mall.

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Seal Beach Californian USA

San Diego 

San Diego is such a lovely city and there is again so much to do in this port. There is San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Sea World, Torrey Pines, Coronado and more.

In this city you get the best of both worlds –  city life and the beach – perfect!

I met up with a friend that lives in San Diego and we went to the zoo, Balboa Park and Coronado.

We packed a lot in one day and I will be telling you all about it next week.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara reminds me of the Mediterranean with the white wash buildings and the terracotta tiled roofs.

Here walking around the town centre is nice to do and then there is wine tasting in Slovang and Los Olivos. 

I went on a tour of the historic buildings in the town and then a trip over to Los Olivos for some wine tasting and cupcake pairing in a family owned winery. That was a lot of fun in the afternoon.

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San Francisco 

San Francisco is a great city full of life. In this city there is a lot to see and do from the Golden Gate Bridge, the city centre, Pier 39. Then outside of the city there is Silicon Valley with Facebook, Google and Apple.

I met up with friends that live very close to the Apple HQ and they took me to see Facebook, Google and Apple.

We also ate fantastic Dungeness crab at Pier 39. More on that soon on the blog.

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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco USA

Essential Info

  • Weather: End of September 20*C – 25*C 
  • Currency: USA Dollars
  • Language: American English

What to Wear

I walked so much in five days so my recommendation is to wear very comfortable shoes for walking around. Wear layers as the day can start off cooler and then warm up throughout the day.

Why You Need To Go On A Californian Coastal Cruise

Californian Coastal Cruise Round Up 

I would recommend this cruise highly as there is a lot to do each port, the weather is nice and not too hot.

With two sea days before the ports and after the ports there is enough time to relax onboard and enjoy what the ship has to offer.

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Happy Travels

Why You Need To Go On A Californian Coastal Cruise

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