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Best Cruises of the Year - Lucy Williams Global

It has been another great year of cruising and I have been to some amazing places, but which was the best cruise of the year?

This year I have cruised around Alaska, Hawaii, Samoa, French Polynesia, along the Californian Coast and mini cruises to Astoria (Oregon), Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), Ensenada (Mexico) and Santa Barbara (USA).

I have also been on some land vacations too, but they were short trips in Europe and as you know I usually spend more time at sea than on land.

This year I have spent 179 days onboard, just under half of 2018! Which is less than normal as in 2017 I spent 204 days onboard.

What you really want to know is which were the best cruises of the year?

I can only compare where I have been this year and in order of the best cruise of the year, I will tell you which cruises were the best in my opinion.

The Winner of Best Cruise is the…..

Alaska Cruise

I have spent a lot of time in Alaska over the last ten years, and you would think I was bored of it.

But, I have to say the Alaska cruise was the best cruise this year. I went on a 12-day Alaska cruise and many 7-day Alaska cruises. The 12-day was a return out of Los Angeles and the 7-day was a return out of Seattle.

The Alaska cruise out of Los Angeles was a 12-day itinerary: LA, 2 days at sea, Vancouver, at sea, Juneau, Skagway, scenic cruising around Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, 3 days at sea, LA.

The Seattle Alaska cruise was a 7-day itinerary: Seattle, at sea, Ketchikan, Scenic cruising around Tracy Arm, Juneau, Skagway, at sea, Victoria, Seattle.

The 12-day cruise was nice as you had a full day in Vancouver and more days at sea to relax. The 7-day cruise is perfect for families as it is a week long and was Sunday to Sunday.

Why was the Alaska cruise my favourite cruise this year?

The tours! Alaska offers the best tours as nature has so much to offer in Alaska in each port. I went bear spotting – best tour of all time, whale watching, on a food tour, to a Lumberjack Show, visited Mendenhall Glacier, got up close to Dawes Glacier, learnt to make old-fashioned cocktails, went on a city tour of Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan.

There are even more tours to go on that is the beauty of Alaska as there is always something to see and do for all ages. That is what makes Alaska the perfect cruise for families or couples.

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Californian Coastal Cruise

The Californian coastal cruise was my second favourite cruise. This was a 10-day cruise return out of Vancouver, the itinerary was Vancouver, two days at sea, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco (1 and a half days), two days at sea, Vancouver.

Why was the Californian coastal cruise my second favourite cruise of the year?

There is so much to do in each port and this is a great way to get a taster of each port. Every day is sunny and warm with the sights of each city.

I loved Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Barbara – especially as I got to visit a few friends along the way.

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Hawaii – Samoa – French Polynesia Cruise

This cruise came in third – beautiful cruise and I met lovely people. The Hawaii, Samoa and French Polynesia cruise is a long 28-day cruise with 18 days at sea and 10 days in port.

This cruise is great if you like to relax onboard and like sea days. I love the ports, but the sea days can drag, especially on the way back to LA.

The itinerary was a return to Los Angeles, four days at sea, Hawaiian ports – Hilo, Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Lahaina, four days at sea, Samoa ports – Pago Pago, Apia, two days at sea, French Polynesian ports – Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, seven days at sea, Los Angeles.

The tours in Hawaii, Samoa and French Polynesia are all fantastic and the tropical islands are lovely. I can never complain about going to my favourite place in the world Bora Bora for its postcard-perfect scenery.

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Hawaii Cruise

The Hawaii cruise came in fourth. Hawaii is always a nice cruise, it just takes a long time to get there and back.

We were doing 15-day returns out of Vancouver and the itinerary was Vancouver, five days at sea, Hawaiian ports – Hilo, Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Lahaina, five sea days, Vancouver.

I love this part of the world when you get there! The tours are wonderful in each port, the shopping is great and the beaches are relaxing.

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Best Cruises of the Year - Lucy Williams Global

Mini Cruises

I’m not a fan of mini cruises as they are between 4/5 days and you don’t really go anywhere, but this is only my opinion.

They however perfect for quick getaways, taster cruises or family cruises, also on these type of cruises you can get a really good deal. Always worth looking at if you would like an inexpensive vacay for a few days.  

Best Cruise of the Year Round-Up

Do you agree with my winning cruise? Whichever cruise you go on they are what you make them, so always; enjoy, relax, and have fun!

What was your best cruise this year? I would love to hear your answers, just comment below.

What is in store for 2019? More cruising of course! I will be cruising Hawaii, Panama Canal and the Mediterranean. I can’t wait to get to the Mediterranean as it is my favourite cruise.

So that is it for 2018, thank you for all your support this year and thank you for reading. Wishing you a wonderful New Year for 2019.

Best Cruises of the Year - Lucy Williams Global

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Happy Cruising

Best Cruises of the Year - Lucy Williams Global

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