Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential

Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential - Lucy Williams Global

Today travelling around the world has become so much easier as prices are more affordable, and we are able to book flights and hotels online or even through apps on our smart phones.  

There is always the possibility that things can go wrong while on holiday and this why it is essential you also purchase travel insurance.

Every year, there seems to be increasing natural disasters in parts of the world such as earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires or even terrorism.

Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential - Lucy Williams Global

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What Could Possibly Happen?

Mexico, a popular holiday destination had two earthquakes last year, which caused 360 deaths and caused a lot of infrastructural damage.  

You never know when these things can happen, but it could happen when you are on your holiday and you must be prepared for the unpredictable happening.

Climate change seems to be causing more of these natural disasters every year, so going to a destination that is not in these risks areas seems like a better option. But it is not always as easy as you think!

Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential - Lucy Williams Global

Where are the safer options?

You would think Europe is quite a safe option, but recently Greece had wildfires that destroyed a tourist resort and resulted in 70 deaths.  

In Majorca a British couple were caught in flash flooding and unfortunately lost their lives in this torrential rainfall.

These types of disasters though do not put off the Brits going on holiday though, as tourism is on the rise.

Most of these countries that are affected by natural disasters rely on tourism, such as Indonesia and lack funding for tsunami detectors.

Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential - Lucy Williams Global

The only places that are putting off holidaymakers are places that have high terrorism risks for obvious reasons, but once they have faded out of the media, they become popular again, such as destinations like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.  A hotel in Tunisia had a terrorist attack that killed 30 British tourists three years ago.

Why travel insurance is important

Even though there are risks when travelling this has not stopped the British public from travelling to destinations that are prone to natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Therefore, it is important to take out travel insurance that covers against crisis’ and disasters. Insure4Retirement is a specialist for the over 50s in Home and Travel insurance.

They are in partnership with Just Travel Cover that offer a Crisis Response Service with their Ready2Go Goldtravel policy.

The key benefit of this cover is that there is a dedicated phone number which gives travellers access to immediate assistance if disaster strikes while they are abroad.   

Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential - Lucy Williams Global

At the end of the phone is a team of crisis response consultants made up of former military, law enforcement and intelligence agency personnel, strategically positioned around the world to aid during a crisis.

In this time, we never know what is around the corner and terrorists’ attacks are in the media all the time, all over the world.

This does not stop people from travelling and it shouldn’t, as we should enjoy what the world has to offer. Just always have travel insurance that puts your mind at rest for the unexpected.

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Happy Travels

Why Travel Insurance Is Always Essential - Lucy Williams Global

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