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Cruising Travel Update - Lucy Williams Global

Hello and here is my cruising travel update of where I am cruising to this year.

If you have been following me for a while you will know I like to give a cruising travel update.

In this cruising travel update I tell you where I am in real time, especially if you do not do social media.

Not everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest! I’m guilty of being on all of them, as I am a social media addict!

But, social media makes the blog go around the web a little further, so thank you for sharing my posts.

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Where am I cruising?

So, where I am I? As I am writing this I am in the Pacific Ocean on a Hawaiian cruise.

I flew back to Los Angeles and joined the cruise ship there and will be onboard for 4+ months.

Sailing alongside my husband that works onboard – read more about my story here.

This time we are only repeating the Hawaiian cruise a couple of times and then the ship goes into dry dock in Victoria, Canada.

Honolulu Tower - Cruising Travel Update - Lucy Williams Global

Now, I know your ears have just pricked up and thought, why is she there for a dry dock? Good question!

My husband wanted me to stay onboard with him, so with special permission, I am.

It is not glamorous at all being onboard in dry dock and I will write post all about it after.

Then after the dry dock is complete, we will be cruising back down to Los Angeles to start the Panama Canal cruise.

We will be sailing through the new Panama Canal – the Panamax, as this ship is too big for the old canal.

This will be a first for me, as I have only sailed through the original canal.

I have sailed hundreds of times through the old canal as I did few too many seasons out there when I was still working onboard.

Cruising Travel Update - Lucy Williams Global

From Panama we sail to Fort Lauderdale, then we start the transatlantic cruise to Europe.

When we get to Europe we will be sailing around the Mediterranean for a for few months.

The Mediterranean cruising is what I am looking forward to, as to me this is the best cruise you can go on, apart from a world cruise!

I will be blogging about all the ports I will be visiting, so for the rest of the year there will be a lot of new content in the form of port guides.

Especially from Europe as we go to 21 ports that I have not written about before.

I am very excited to share with you all my adventures from Panama to the Mediterranean.

What else is new?

I have been featured in a book called ‘The Joy of Cruising’ by Paul C. Thornton.

I am chapter seven – The Travelling Wife Cruising Around the World.

This has been something I have kept to myself for some time and I am so happy to be able to tell you all about it now!

The Joy of Cruising - Cruise Tips from Cruise Ship Passengers Part 2 - Lucy Williams Global

The book is about different types of cruisers, but the one thing everyone has in common is that they all love cruising.

It is an interesting book and if you like to cruise this is a book for you.

It is available from Amazon on Kindle and paperback. The book is also available at Barns and Noble, Apple iBooks and Kobo.

Read more about the author in the cruise tips from cruise ship passengers series, below.

Cruising Travel Update - Lucy Williams Global

Where to follow me

Now, if you would like to hear from me on a daily basis head over to my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts as I always post pretty photos from my travels and the latest links from the blog there.

If you are a Pinterest lover like me head over there to see my latest blog posts and travels boards from all my favourite travel bloggers.

Cruising Travel Update - Lucy Williams Global

Until the next update, speak soon.

Happy Cruising!

Cruising Travel Update - Lucy Williams Global

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