Top 10 Travel Products I Never Travel Without

Top 10 Travel Products I Never Travel Without - Lucy Williams Global

I travel a lot between cruising and travelling when I’m home between Italy and England.

Some things I would be lost without if I didn’t take these travel products away with me.

There is nothing worse than forgetting something you know you will use all the time.

Top 10 Travel Products I Never Travel Without

These are my top 10 travel products I never travel without and why:

Portable Phone Charger

A portable phone charger and cable is something I never leave the house without, even if I am just going out for the day at home.

When travelling this is something you really need as phones and tablet batteries do not last very long when you are constantly using them.

I use one by Anker and it charges the phone or tablet several times, which is handy when you are on the road, on a plane, train, boat or on tour all day.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make packing much easier as you can separate clothes together or make up daily clothes cubes.

They keep your luggage much more organised and you can fit more items in.

When you get to your destination you can also use them to keep the draws organised. Or use one in your backpack to keep things separate.

Reusable Shopping Bags

We should all be using reusable shopping bags anyway, to stop unnecessary plastic use.

Having your own reusable shopping bag in your backpack or purse is handy when you are buying souvenirs, groceries or to carry wet clothes or towels or extra pair of shoes.


Maybe I am showing my nationality off now, but an umbrella is always essential.

I grew up in the U.K. and you never when it is going to rain and I have adopted this where ever I go.

I have even used my umbrella on the beach in Bora Bora as it started raining, but it matched my bikini!

A travel sized umbrella to pop into your bag is very handy for many destinations.


A phone is not just a phone anymore! It is a camera, video camera, torch, clock, calendar, notebook and a mini computer.

From telling us the weather to what your aunt is doing on Facebook! I never leave home without mine.

Top 10 Travel Products I Never Travel Without - Lucy Williams Global


A backpack is something I have just started using in the last few years and it makes carrying a bag a lot more comfortable.

Having more space for all things I would like bring with me for a day out is a no brainer.

Than trying it fit everything in a cute purse. My back has thanked me for it too.


The iPad is of course the same as the phone, but bigger and I prefer this for reading a book and watching a movie.

When travelling for several hours, this helps with the boredom. I use mine daily where ever I am.

Water Bottle

Having your own water bottle is helping the environment by not using plastic bottles.

These days there are water fountains in most airports, hotels, bathrooms and onboard ferries and cruise ships for you to fill up your own bottle.

I like a bottle that keeps the water the temperature that you filled it at, all day.

First Aid Kit

I always carry my own medication and band aids. This way I have what I like to take and if I get sick I can take something straight away than trying to find a pharmacy.


Headphones are a lifesaver when in public places or public transport.

These block out the noise and also tell others you are busy, so they do not disturb you.

You can use them for the gym, meditation, walks, listening to music or movie, speaking on the phone if they have a microphone.

These are my top 10 travel products I never travel without as they make life more entertaining or comfortable.

What can you never travel without?

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Happy travels!

Top 10 Travel Products I Never Travel Without - Lucy Williams Global

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