5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

Whether you’re looking for some well-deserved pampering or a taste of the fabulous life, great holidays always leave you wanting for more.

While the globe may be conquered, enough unusual beauty still remains to tickle the hearts of even the most demanding luxury travel seekers.

So, no matter what you’re craving – be it sunshine soaked beach holidays in Fiji, adventures in Berlin or extreme hikes on the Alps’ snowy peaks.

A high-class vacation is the perfect way to experience some of the world’s most unreal destinations.

If you’re a passionate nomad who saves hard to play hard, dreaming of flights to whisk you away to the most ethereal corners on the planet, these opulent getaways could be just what you’re looking for.

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1. Madagascar

Wild, stunning and full of surprises, Madagascar is a country rich in fascinating wildlife and glamorous beach side extravaganza.

A destination far off the beaten track, a holiday here will take you deep into the realms of majestic predators and other exotic beasts, all the while unravelling a world of bewitching forestscapes before your eyes.

Everything here, from horseback riding through dangerous jungle terrain to relaxing on deserted glittering beaches, is an incredible adventure that has to be seen to be believed.

You’ll find plenty of luxurious lodges and hotels where you can unwind, and you’ll even be able to go glamping for an exciting night under the stars.

5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

2. The Maldives

A magnificent holiday ground to dazzle even the most seasoned of globe trotters, the Maldives is as beautiful and exclusive as it gets.

Promising stretches of heart-stopping coastline, luxurious island retreats and exciting wildlife opportunities, this little tourist-magnet makes for one of the most thrilling island destinations in Asia.

Enjoy the spectacular natural wonders of this tropical island paradise, famed for its lovely reefs, stunning blue lagoons and underwater beauty.

The Maldives is also the ideal location to get an inside scoop on ancient Asian cultures and traditions, all the while exploring picturesque landscapes and delicious local delicacies.

5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday
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3. Zanzibar

Luxury travel is a booming trade, with one in three millennials prepared to fork out over £5000 on a summer holiday.

A small wonder why when there are islands like Zanzibar on the loose; luring in travellers from around the globe with raw natural perfection, outstanding luxury resorts and cultural delights every year.

Journey to the Swahili coast, adjacent to Tanzania’s mainland to tour this exotic destination and soak up some tropical magic for yourself.

Zanzibar is famous for its irresistible spices, perfectly pristine beaches and countless ancient monuments dating back to a period older than the slave trade of the 19th century.

Unusual it may be, but the city sure packs a punch with its supreme location, great wildlife and unforgettably colourful cultures.

5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

4. Sri Lanka

For seaside romances with a wilder twist, a journey to Sri Lanka will introduce you to jaw-dropping wildlife and otherworldly beauty as you traverse leopard hunting grounds, hike challenging mountain terrains and explore the historic cities of olden kings.

For unrivalled beach bliss, head over to the island’s southern beaches where heavenly sands, luxurious hotels and perfect surf await the adventurous nomad.

If a dash of adventure with tropical wildlife is more your style, Sri Lanka offers a handful of excellent safari parks, rainforests and world heritage sites where you can rub shoulders with exotic and even endemic animal species.

Serene, stunning and friendly, Sri Lanka is a tropical destination with a dose of perfection to satisfy just about any palette.

5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

5. Antigua

Home to mesmerising beaches and wildlife-rich waters, Antigua is among the most blissful holiday destinations on the planet.

The power of nature is a big draw here, with pink carpets of lush sand washed tantalisingly by the Caribbean sea, stretching as far as the eye can see.

The nearby island of Barbuda is equally stunning, surrounded by lovely coral reefs and featuring an Instagram-worthy lagoon.

Antigua is also a beloved location for wildlife watching and plays host to the popular Frigate Bird Sanctuary.

So, if you’d like a splash of adventure exploring shipwrecks, observing rare sea creatures or enjoying some bird watching, this tiny island could be just the luxury holiday ground you’re looking for.

5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

This was a guest post by Helen Smith. She is a freelance writer and a weekend traveler. She is currently travelling around Asia and plans to finish her Masters Degree in Environmental Studies when she gets back in the UK this coming July. She is also an advocate of sustainable lifestyle.

5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

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5 of the most surprising places for a luxury holiday

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