What to See in the Cruise Port of Cartagena Colombia

What to See in the Cruise Port of Cartagena Colombia - Lucy Williams Global

The cruise port of Cartagena in Colombia is normally a port on a Panama Canal cruise, but what is there to see in the cruise port of Cartagena, Colombia?

The old city is vibrant with colourful buildings and a wealth of history. The new city is full of skyscrapers and modern hotels.

The cruise terminal in Cartagena has shops, bars, pink flamingos and parrots to see.

The best way to see the sights in Cartagena is to get a taxi or shuttle bus to the old town or to go on a tour.

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What to See in the Cruise Port of Cartagena Colombia?

The must-see in Cartagena is the old town of Cartagena for its bright colourful buildings and colonial style.

If you like street art, a walk around the vibrant neighbourhood of Getsemani is a must-see too.

Cartagena is good for coffee and emeralds and if you are on a tour you will see these too!

Cartagena is a beautiful city to visit, as there is so much colour everywhere you look.

We went on a morning walking tour to visit these two areas and it was very interesting to learn about the people and the way they live.

When to go on a tour in Cartagena

Cartagena is very hot and humid year-round, so it is best to go out early before the midday sun makes you melt!

Bring lots of water, and sunscreen and wear lightweight clothing with comfortable shoes you can walk around in all morning/day as there are many uneven surfaces.

I would recommend a face cloth, a little fan or a water spritz to use if you are like me and cannot handle the heat of Cartagena, this will help your day.

Is Cartagena Safe?

Every city you travel to you should always be careful and keep valuables to a minimum.

Keep your wallet in a safe place, not in your back pocket!

Cartagena is safe, but be prepared to be hassled by the locals wanting to sell their wares.

What to See in the Cruise Port of Cartagena Colombia - Lucy Williams Global
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Essential Info

  • Weather: Hot and humid 24*C -31*C year-round
  • What to wear: Lightweight clothing, hat and comfortable flat shoes for walking on uneven surfaces.
  • What to bring: Bottle of water, a camera/phone, fan

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I hope this article has given you lots of ideas for your next cruise that includes the port of Cartagena in Colombia.

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Happy Cruising!

What to See in the Cruise Port of Cartagena Colombia - Lucy Williams Global

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