Cruise Port Guides Kotor Montenegro

Cruise Port Guides Kotor Montenegro - Lucy Williams Global

Cruise Port Guides Kotor Montenegro

Cruise Port Guides: Kotor Montenegro – Kotor in Montenegro is a cruise port on a lot of Mediterranean cruises. It is located between Croatia and Albania in Europe on the Adriatic Coast.

In this cruise port, the cruise ship can either dock or tender, due to the size of the ship. Most large cruise ships will tender.

The cruise terminal is just a dock and very close to the town centre.

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What To Do in The Cruise Port of Kotor Montenegro?

The cruise port of Kotor is within walking distance of the town centre and is right by the cruise terminal.

You cross the street from the cruise terminal gates and you will be met by the city walls of the old town of Kotor.

It is nice to walk within the city walls or walk up to the top around the city walls to see the views of the town.

There are lots of bars, restaurants and shops within the city walls, also the cathedral, churches and lots of cats!

Kotor Bay is beautiful and has stunning views everywhere you look. It is located between mountains and the water looks like a green lake. All the houses have terracotta roofs and it is just picture perfect.

Cruise Port Guides Kotor Montenegro - Lucy Williams Global

If you are feeling adventurous you can walk up the mountain to get even better views of Kotor Bay or you can take a tour bus or taxi up to the top.


There are tours that can take you to the neighbouring towns of Budva, Njegusi, Lastva and Cetinje or around Kotor.

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  • Weather: 24*C – 31*C in the summer months
  • Currency: Euro
  • What to wear: Flat sturdy shoes as there are uneven surfaces on the foot.


I hope this article has given you ideas for what to see in the cruise port of Kotor Montenegro on your next cruise.

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Happy cruising!

Cruise Port Guides Kotor Montenegro - Lucy Williams Global

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