What Are the Best Things To See in Camogli Italy?

What Are the Best Things To See in Camogli Italy?

What to see in Camogli Italy?

Camogli is a hidden spot that few people know about unless you know the region of Liguria in Italy well – it is one of the best-kept secrets!

Most people have heard of the nearby towns of Portofino, Santa Margherita or Cinque Terre.

But the captivating coastal town of Camogli has all the beauty and charm of these places but without the high prices and loads of tourists, even in high season.

Here I will show you what are the best things to see in Camogli Italy.

What to See in Camogli Italy - Lucy Williams Global

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Why Camogli and not Portofino?

Before I met my husband I spent a lot of time in Portofino. The cruise ship, I was working on at the time used to go there every 10 days.

I had a fabulous time with my friends and spent loads of money on expensive cocktails and delicious food.

I didn’t really know any other places like this at the time.

The other Italian ports we went to were not like Portofino and the inner snob in me loved it!

Then I met my husband (we both worked onboard) and on my first trip to Genoa (Italy) to visit him (I was still living in the UK) he took me to Camogli and I fell in love with the place.

Camogli A Hidden Gem in Liguria Italy - Lucy Williams Global

I live in Genoa now and Camogli is still my favourite place on the Ligurian Coast.

Because of the colourful tall houses, it is by the sea, beautiful to walk around, it has a beach, and the restaurants and bars are fabulous.

There are not as many tourists compared to Santa Margherita and Portofino, even in the summer season.

It is the place I take all my friends and family that come to visit me in Genoa and they are always blown away by how beautiful it is. So, there is my back story, now you know why I am a little biased!

What Are the Best Things To See in Camogli Italy?

Fishing Village of Camogli

Camogli is a gorgeous seaside village with colorful houses, bars, restaurants, beaches and a little harbour.

The name Camogli comes from the shortened Italian name ‘Casa de Moglie’ which means housewife.

Camogli was a fishing village full of fishermen and it was where the women lived, waiting for their husbands to return, hence the name Camogli.

What Are the Best Things To See in Camogli Italy?

Where is Camogli?

Camogli is located in the region of Liguria in northern Italy, on the Italian Riviera.

The major cities near Camogli are Genoa and Milan.

It is around 45 minutes away by car or train from Genoa and 2 hours and 45 minutes from Milan.

Camogli A Hidden Gem in Liguria Italy - Lucy Williams Global

How to get to Camogli

You can reach Camogli by train, boat or by car.

The Camogli train station is called Camogli – S. Fruttuoso and is located in the centre of town.

Regional trains go to Camogli frequently.

There is a small ferry boat to take from Porto Antico in Genoa that is nice on a beautiful day.

If you are going by car, be warned the car park is tiny, so arrive early.

What to See in Camogli Italy - Lucy Williams Global

What is there is see in Camogli?

Camogli is on the other side of Portofino Hill and is slightly bigger than Portofino.

It has a larger selection of restaurants and has the normal price tags of local restaurants.

It is a beautiful place to see on a day trip, perfect to just walk around as Camogli is very photogenic from every angle.

Between the colours of the buildings, the little harbour with lots of fishing boats, the beach, the ocean and the hillside, it is just aesthetically pleasing.

What to See in Camogli Italy - Lucy Williams Global

There are lovely little shops with handmade shoes and clothes, artwork, quirky souvenirs and jewellery.

Most of the bars and restaurants are on the waterfront with fantastic views of either the ocean, Portofino Hill, the little harbour or the church.

The restaurants are the best places to eat fresh fish or the local cuisine of Focaccia di Recco, Trofie al Pesto or one of the many fish dishes.

There is a gelato shop under the arch that is a must to go to if you visit. This is my favourite gelato shop and there are lots of flavours to choose from.

What Are the Best Things To See in Camogli Italy?

Camogli Beach

If you fancy a beach day, the main beach is divided into public and private.

You can sit on the small public beach, but get there early, as it’s small.

Or use one of the private beaches and pay for a sun lounger for the day.

In Liguria and most parts of Italy, the beaches are private and they provide sun loungers, deck chairs, an umbrella, changing room, showers, toilets and a beach bar/restaurant for a charge.

What Are the Best Things To See in Camogli Italy?

Main Attractions of Camogli

  • The Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta – This is worth visiting as it is stunning inside. This church is in all the scenic photos of  Camogli.
  • Castello Della Dragonara – Near the church, there is Castello Della Dragonara (Dragonara Castle), this castle is from the 13th century. Here you can see the old 16th century cannons outside from back in the day defending Camogli.
  • Maritime Museum – This is a lovely little museum if you are interested in seafaring. There are ship models, navigation instruments, paintings, etc.
  • Boat trip to San Fruttuoso to see the San Fruttuoso monastery/beach.
  • Hiking to San Rocco – take the hiking trail to San Rocco for spectacular views.
Camogli Italy - Lucy Williams Global

Boat Trip to San Fruttuoso

Camogli’s harbor (Camogli Porticciolo) is where you arrive if you take the boat from Genoa.

The small ferry boat also goes to neighbouring places Punta Chiappa or San Fruttuoso for more beauty spots.

Take a boat tour to the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of San Fruttuoso to see San Fruttuoso Abbey, have a day on the beach or go swimming/snokeling/diving to see the statue of Christ of the Abyss underwater.

Camogli A Hidden Gem in Liguria Italy - Lucy Williams Global

Best Time to go to Camogli

Camogli is one of the most beautiful towns to visit all year round.

The weather is not hot in the winter months, but still a lovely for day trip.

If you are lucky and have a sunny day in winter, you can still sit outside in one of the many restaurants as it is quite sheltered.

I have sat outside many times in December/January and enjoyed the sunshine.

If you would like to enjoy the beaches or a trip to San Fruttuoso, the best time is in late spring (May) or the summer months (June/July/August). September and October are still a nice time to go to.

What to See in Camogli Italy - Lucy Williams Global

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What Are the Best Things To See in Camogli Italy?

Essential Info for Camogli

  • Weather: Winter 5*C – 13*C/ Summer 20*C – 30*C
  • Language: Italian, some English spoken
  • Currency: Euro
  • What to bring: A bottle of water, fan and hat
  • Camogli is very photogenic from every angle so pack your camera or phone.
  • If you are driving to Camogli, get there early as the car park is not big.
  • The shops close between 1 pm to 3/4 pm, so if you want to shop go early.
  • Wear sunscreen and insect repellent in the summer months
Camogli A Hidden Gem in Liguria Italy - Lucy Williams Global

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What to See in Camogli Italy - Lucy Williams Global

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