Best Cruise Accessories to Add to Your Packing List

Best Cruise Accessories to Add to Your Packing List

Are you looking for the best cruise accessories that will make your cruise easier? 

Here I have listed the best cruise ship accessories to add to your packing list for your next cruise. 

These handy cruise accessories can help you with your packing, make your stateroom more functional, and can help you have a smoother time on port days and on board.

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Best Cruise Accessories to Add to Your Packing List

Packing for a cruise vacation can be stressful as you don’t want to forget anything you may need.

Also, you don’t want to forget those little things that make your cruise go more smoothly. These helpful cruise accessories may take the headache out of that.

Having a cruise packing list is essential to make it easier to pack for your next cruise.

Even after years of cruising I still consult my cruise packing list as I will always forget something if I don’t!

On my cruise travels, I have found most of these cruise gadgets very useful. Some more than others depending on the itinerary I’m on and the season that I am travelling.

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Where to Find the Best Cruise Accessories

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Essentials For Your Next Cruise

These are the cruise essentials that you may need on your next cruise. whether it is your first cruise or your 20th cruise; a Caribbean cruise or an Alaskan cruise.

I find these must-have cruise items are always good to have with you ‘just in case’.

On board or in the cruise port you can buy some things but not everything.

Best Cruise Accessories to Add to Your Packing List

Here are the best cruise accessories to add to your packing list

I have broken down the best cruise accessories for each category:

  • Luggage and travel accessories
  • Cruise Stateroom (Cabin)
  • For use on board the cruise ship and on port days
  • Laundry (if you plan on doing laundry when on your cruise)

Best Cruise Accessories: Luggage & Travel Accessories


Pick the right luggage to bring on your cruise. I always go for a sturdy lightweight case, either hard shell or fabric. and a large or medium-sized.

If you are flying to your embarkation cruise port, check the dimensions and weight you are allowed to bring on your airline as they do differ.

My travel tip is if you go for a medium-sized suitcase you can only pack your airline weight allowance (20 or 23 kg).

Here are some of my favourite suitcases:

Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on luggage is essential when joining a cruise ship as your luggage is delivered to your stateroom (cabin) just before the ship sails.

This way you have all the essentials you need when you arrive onboard.

Also, for the last night on board, you will need to leave your luggage outside your stateroom for collection to be offloaded ashore at your cruise disembarkation port.

Again, carry-on luggage is essential to have a smooth disembarkation and to be able to pack all your final evening’s clothes and all your disembarkation essentials.

Here are my favourite carry-ons:

Packing Cubes – One of the Best Cruise Accessories

Packing Cubes are an item that I use every time I travel. They make packing easier and are one of the best ways to be more organized.

I also use them in the cabin closet either on the shelves or in the drawers to keep underwear/t-shirts/swimwear organised.

Another reason I use them is that if you have to open your luggage. This way everything stays inside and looks okay.

Here are my favourite packing cubes:

Luggage Strap

Luggage straps are very helpful when travelling as they make your luggage more identifiable, especially if you have a black case.

Here are some great luggage straps:

Luggage Label

A luggage label is important to identify your luggage, especially if you are flying to the cruise port.

Here are some good brightly coloured ones:

Cruise Luggage Tag – One of the Best Cruise Accessories

Cruise luggage tags are an essential item for your cruise that can be used again and again on embarkation day.

These cruise luggage tag holders are for the printout of your luggage tag that you get with your cruise ticket for your luggage when you embark on the cruise so your luggage can be taken to your cabin.

All major cruise lines use this system and the plastic cruise luggage tag keeps the paper dry, and readable and stays on your luggage. When you staple the paper tag to your luggage there is always the risk that it can get wet or fall off.

The cruise luggage tags come in different sizes so make sure you order the correct size for your cruise line.

Here are some options for different cruise lines:


Princess Cruises


Royal Caribbean




Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are one of my favorite cruise accessories to use when going on a cruise as they can be used to pack personal items or small items.

Keep your toiletries organised or from anything leaking on other items in your luggage.

Use them also ashore in port to keep items dry or store something wet to bring back to the cruise ship.

They are available in lots of different sizes depending on what you would like to put inside them.

Here are some Ziploc bags in different sizes:

TSA Padlocks

TSA padlocks are a travel essential if you are travelling through the United States

They are a special type of lock designed specifically to meet the security standards of the TSA.

These locks utilize an easily identifiable red indicator, which signals to security officers that the lock can be unlocked using a special TSA key, rather than the padlock’s combination.

This allows officers to unlock and inspect baggage without having to physically break the lock.

Here are my recommendations:

Travel Wash Bag

A travel wash bag that is either a good size or one you can hang up in the cabin bathroom is essential for a cruise vacation.

Here are some great ideas:

Small Size Bottles

Bring small-size toiletries or reusable small bottles, as there is never that much space in the cruise cabin bathroom.

Trying to fit multiple containers into a small space often leads to chaos in the bathroom. Especially if you have the family in one cabin.

If you bring larger containers or multiple bottles of makeup, tools, and other toiletries, it can be difficult and they weigh a lot!

The solution? Smaller-sized toiletries are perfect for packing into tight spaces and can make a world of difference for couples and families.

Reusable bottles are also a great choice, as they can be used for multiple trips. Fill them with your favourites, saving you the hassle of buying more and more every time you cruise.

Here are my favourites:

Portable Luggage Scale

A portable luggage scale is a good idea for no extra cost at the airport when flying either to the cruise embarkation port or back home.

When it comes to preparing for a vacation, one of the most overlooked details is making sure your suitcase is within the weight limit for the airline.

With regulations constantly changing, the last thing anyone wants is to be stuck at the airport with a heavy bag, having to pay costly fees.

This is why a portable luggage scale is an absolute must-have piece of equipment for any cruiser.

Here are some great options:

Best Cruise Accessories for your Cruise Stateroom (Cabin)

Magnetic Hooks/Magnet Clips

Did you know that cruise cabin walls are magnetic? Magnetic hooks or magnetic clips can be useful as some cruise ship cabins can be small.

Use them to hang up jewellery, lanyards, clothes, hats, daily newsletters, etc.

Here are some good magnetic hooks or clips:

Night Light

A night light is a cabin must when you don’t want to wake up your partner or kids to use the bathroom the night in the cruise ship staterooms.

As it is very easy to put on all the lights all once if you press the wrong light switch.

Here are some little ones to bring:

Alarm Clock

I know most of us use our cell phones as alarm clocks, but it is handy to have a small travel alarm clock, especially if you forget to set or charge your phone or if you would rather switch off your phone while cruising.

Here are some great travel alarm clocks:

Door Organiser

If you know you are going to bring a lot or you have the family, all in one cabin a door organizer is a good option if you’re short on storage space in your cabin.

Here are some great ideas:

Cruise Power Strip

A cruise power strip with USB ports is very handy for the cabin as most cabins only have a few power outlets. But make sure you buy one that has a surge protector, especially for a cruise ship.

A cruise power strip is designed to provide maximum protection from all kinds of electrical damage, with a built-in circuit breaker that cuts off power if it senses risky current levels.

It also has a unique overload protection mechanism designed to protect your devices from potential short-circuit risks.

Here are some to try:

Travel Plug Adapter

On most cruise lines the plug sockets in the cabin are for North American plugs and European plugs. So if you are travelling from another part of the world, pack an adapter that fits these.

Also if you travelling to your cruise embarkation port in another part of the world and are staying in a hotel overnight, an adapter will be very useful.

Here are some great choices:

Laundry Bag

I always bring a laundry bag on a cruise for dirty laundry to keep it separate when I travel home.

Another great way to use a laundry bag is for wet towels when returning to the cruise ship after a day at the beach.

Here are some lightweight laundry bags for your next cruise:

Best Cruise Accessories to Use On Board and on Port Days

Money Belt

A money belt is one of the best cruise accessories to add to your packing list. Keep your cash, credit cards and cruise card travel safe and secure.

In a money belt that you can wear under your clothes/jacket to avoid pickpockets.

Money belts are designed to be worn underneath clothing like a belt, yet function more like a secret pocket, making them travel safe.

They come in various sizes and styles, depending on your activity and desired security.

Here are some great options:

Cruise Lanyard

Cruise lanyards for your cruise card while onboard or ashore. These are always a handy way to keep your key card in hand. Without having to worry about pockets or purses when walking around the cruise ship.

Whether you’re moving from one part of the ship to the other, or disembarking to explore the port of call.

Cruise lanyards provide a hands-free way of keeping your cruise card or other items readily available and secure.

There are a variety to choose from and there is sure to be something that is perfect for you.

Here are some fun lanyards:

Waterproof Proof Phone Pouch

Keep your cell phone dry in a waterproof phone case or waterproof phone pouch.

These are great options when you are going to be near water.

If you are heading ashore on port days to the beach or if you are worried about your phone getting wet on the pool deck, a waterproof pouch is a must.

Here are some great ones to use:

Reusable Water Bottle

We are all trying to do our bit for the environment, so bring your own reusable water bottle.

Reusable water bottles are useful when you are going on shore excursions or walking around in port.

After a long day in port, it is handy to have some water, especially on warm days.

If you are trying to save space in your luggage a great option is a collapsible water bottle, that folds up.

Here are some fantastic reusable water bottles:

Towel Bands/Towel Clips

Towel bands or beach towel clips are one of the best cruise accessories to keep your towel in place.

These keep your towel on your beach chair for a beach day in port. Or on your sun lounger when on board.

On board, they are especially helpful as the pool deck does get windy on sea days.

Here are some good ones to use:

First Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to bring a little first aid kit that includes basic first aid like Band-Aids, antiseptic cream, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc., and any prescription medications you may need to take.

Here are some great little first-aid kits to pop in your luggage for your next cruise:

Water Shoes

Having a pair of water shoes for water activities is especially useful if you are going swimming in the sea and the underfoot is not soft sand.

Or you would like to protect your feet from the heat or you are worried about slipping over.  

Here are some good water shoes to choose from:

Travel Bands / Patches

The best way to deal with motion sickness is sea bands or patches.

If you suffer from motion sickness or it is your first cruise and you are not sure if you will suffer sea bands are a very helpful way to prevent motion sickness.

If you know you suffer from motion sickness you may prefer the patches.

Otherwise, there are motion sickness medicines that work well.

Here are some options:

Small Fan

A small fan is a good idea when on a hot itinerary.

When it comes to beating the heat on hot days, a small fan can be a lifesaver.

Investing in a small fan can provide cooling relief when looking to beat the heat.

Handheld or one you can wear around your neck may save the day when sightseeing around the port.

Here are some of the best ways to keep cool:

Hand Sanitizer/Face Masks

Hand sanitizer is everywhere on board, but it is nice to have your own bottle. Take it ashore in port then you are never caught short.

Face masks are not mandatory on a cruise any more, but if you are feeling unwell it may be a good idea to use one.

Here are some suggestions:

Portable Battery Power Pack – One of the Best Cruise Accessories

One of the best cruise accessories that I always use is a portable battery power pack.

Use it travelling to the cruise ship and on the way back home. But the time you will use it especially is when you go ashore in port. This is why a portable battery power pack is perfect for those going ashore.

A portable battery power pack will power phones, cameras, and other electronic devices while you explore the ports of call.

These power packs are usually small and lightweight, so they’re easy to carry around during shore excursions.

They come in various sizes and shapes and with various charging capacities.

Here are my recommendations:

Beach Bag/Backpack

Beach bags or backpacks are essential on a cruise to carry all the things you need for a beach day or day out in the cruise port.

Here are some suggestions:

Travel Umbrella

I’m British so I always take an umbrella everywhere! But it is very important to bring when travelling as rain can be unpredictable sometimes.

You can also use an umbrella to protect you from the sun as well. By having a travel umbrella it can be used for rain and sun, some even come with UV protection.

Here are some great small travel sized:

Best Cruise Accessories to Add to Your Packing List

Best Cruise Accessories: Laundry

Laundry Delicates Bags

If your cruise line has washing machines on board for passenger use and you are planning on doing laundry whilst on your cruise, I suggest you bring some laundry delicates bags. This way your undies don’t get lost or ripped in the machine.

Here are some good ones:

Stain Remover Pen

A stain remover pen can come to the rescue, when red wine, ketchup or other food ends up on your clothes.

This is a handy item to bring if you know you may make little marks on your clothes.

They are small, so easy to pop in your suitcase:

Washing / Dryer sheets

Keep your clothes smelling nice in your luggage and then use them on board if you need to do your own laundry, as they take up very little space in your luggage.

Here are some suggestions:

Cruise Packing Best Cruise Accessories to bring

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Cruise Hand Luggage Packing

Why you should bring a cruise carry-on – because this is all the cruise luggage you will have on you for the first few hours of boarding the cruise ship.

When you pack for a cruise you are not going to see that suitcase for a few hours after you have checked it in at the cruise ship terminal.

Why is this? Because the cruise line has your cruise luggage brought on board for you, so you do not have to carry it onboard yourself.

It makes the embarkation of the vessel a lot quicker and your luggage is delivered to your cabin.

You do have the option of bringing onboard your own cruise luggage, but you will have to carry it onboard all by yourself. Walking up the gangway of a ship is not like walking into a hotel!

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Cruise Packing Best Cruise Accessories to bring

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Best Cruise Accessories to Add to Your Packing List

I hope you enjoyed reading about the best cruise accessories to add to your packing list. What are your best cruise accessories? Did you pack any of these cruise accessories on your last cruise?

Please share on Facebook so your friends and family can read it too or pin it for later on Pinterest.

Happy Cruising!

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