Hidden Gems in Vietnam

Hidden Gems in Vietnam - Lucy Williams Global

Vietnam is a beautiful country with thousands of miles of unspoiled coastline, beaches, mountains, hillside villages, and bustling cities.

And the world is catching on to this. Last year, according to Travel Analytic Google Destination Insights, Vietnam was the seventh most searched destination in the world, beating all other Southeast Asian countries.

So, here are some of the hidden gems in Vietnam you can discover before everyone else.

view of terraces carved into the mountains

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Hidden Gems in Vietnam

Pu Luong

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to Vietnam tours, but Pu Luong Nature Reserve is as scenic and restful a place as any.

Situated 150km southwest (four hours drive) of the capital city of Hanoi, Pu Luong’s mountains are covered with tropical rainforest while its valley is steeped in rice terraces.

There are idyllic mountain streams and cascades inside the reserve, including the impressive Thac Hieu waterfall.

Although there is much to enjoy, tourism has grown quietly and organically here due to the remote, off-the-beaten-track nature of the area.

Observe farmers cultivating their crops and grazing water buffalo as you trek through the reserve or to the summit of Mount Pu Luong.

view of rice terraces

Bac Son Valley

Located 150km northeast of Hanoi in the rural province of Lang Son, Bac Son Valley is a land of rice paddies, limestone peaks and tranquil villages inhabited by Tay ethnic people.

The area offers an unforgettable, authentic Vietnamese experience. On either side of the valley are mountains ranging from 500-1200m high and Mount Na Lay offers a great view of the patchwork of fields far below.

Dang Mo waterfall is a lovely scenic spot to visit on the slopes of the mountains. Back in the valley in Quynh Son Village, you can observe how the Tay ethnic community goes about its day-to-day life living in their stilt houses.

Hidden Gems in Vietnam

Cao Bang

Cao Bang, in the north, is a sparsely populated region of stunning natural beauty that remains relatively untouched by tourists.

Here, you’ll find the almost-other-worldly beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall, the largest in Vietnam, cascading down a verdant, jungle-covered hillside.

The area also offers trekking opportunities to discover serene lakes, limestone karsts and Nguon Ngao cave, with its unique stalactite formations.

Due to the lack of farming population in this mountainous region, Cao Bang is a slice of the raw, untamed side of Vietnam. When visiting, it’s best to go during the dry season which is October to April.

Hidden Gems in Vietnam - Lucy Williams Global

Lan Ha Bay

Situated in the Cat Ba Archipelago, Lan Ha Bay is a stunningly picturesque coastal location that is still relatively undiscovered by visitors.

It’s an area of crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy beaches, surrounded by high mountains. The setting makes it a great option for swimming, kayaking, fishing, and exploring the many caves and grottoes.

You can also snorkel with the marine life in amongst the beautiful coral reefs. Weather-wise, the best time to visit is March and June or October and November.

people sailing in ha long bay in vietnam

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