Which is Best: Oceanview vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

Which is Best: Ocean view vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

Are you planning a cruise vacation and torn between choosing an ocean view or a balcony cabin? Which is best: ocean view vs balcony cruise cabin?

Both options have their advantages and drawbacks, so it’s essential to weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision. 

Let’s explore the differences to help you determine which is the best option for your next cruise.

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Which is best: Ocean View vs Balcony Cruise Cabin?

Here are the first things to weigh up before choosing a stateroom.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself a few questions before choosing a cruise ship cabin and these will help you make a decision. 

Which is best an oceanview vs a balcony cruise cabin – there are many stateroom types, depending on the cruise line you are sailing with and the size of the cruise ship.

Which is Best Ocean view vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

For now here are the starting questions to answer:

What cruise itinerary are you going on? 

It is better to book a balcony cabin on some itineraries, while it will not make a lot of difference on others.

If your cruise is taking you to Alaska, the Panama Canal, the Mediterranean, or Norwegian Fjords or there is a lot of scenic cruising.

A balcony cabin is always going to be the better option as you will see great views from the privacy of your own balcony.

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Whether it is first thing in the morning arriving in port, on a sea day or at sunset.

There is always something to see if you are scenic cruising and it is nice to have some privacy and enjoy the moment without the whole ship watching with you up on the pool deck.

The other thing to weigh up is the ports of call. If you are in port every day and on shore excursions all day, maybe a balcony cabin is unnecessary for you, as you will not be spending long in the cabin.

Or are there a lot of sea days? As if there is, a balcony cabin is very nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the ship, especially on the sea days.

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How long is your cruise?

Are you going on a short cruise (a few days), a week or on a longer cruise (10+ days)? As this does help your decision.

Shorter cruises vs longer cruises do make a difference in how much time you may spend in the cabin.

For example – Caribbean cruises or Coastal Californian cruises for 3 days, it’s nice to have a balcony cabin, but an ocean view would be fine as it’s only 3 days.

On longer cruises, it is nicer to have more privacy with a balcony cabin.

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How much time are you planning on staying in the cabin?

If you are going to be out in port all day or enjoying time on the pool deck, maybe you don’t need the extra cost of a balcony cabin as you are hardly there.

Or maybe you like quiet time sitting on the balcony reading a book or watching the ocean and the world go by.

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Are you travelling as a family or a couple? 

Is the entire family going to be staying in one cabin or are you travelling as a couple?

This is also a budget question as the square footage is going to be a lot smaller than you are used to, especially when travelling as a family.

Some cabins have bunk beds that pull down from the ceiling and some have a double sofa bed that the cabin steward makes up for you if you are travelling with children.

If your children are old enough they can stay in their own interior stateroom with twin beds and you can book a balcony if your budget allows for this.

While if you are travelling as a couple it is all up to your budget.

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Do you get seasick?

Motion sickness is not nice, but some of us do suffer from it.

If this is an issue for you, check the deck plans of where the cabin is located as a cabin at the front or back of the ship and upper decks are not a good idea.

The best cabins if you suffer from motion sickness are in the middle of the ship and on the lower decks.

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What cruise line are you travelling with?

Cruise ship cabins vary with different cruise lines from Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Princess Cruise, MSC Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line and so on.

Always read the deck plans and what each stateroom includes on the website.

Which is Best Ocean view vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

How much is your budget?

You should never over-extend yourself and book a cabin you cannot afford.

Stick to your budget and the best way to get a better cabin for your money is to book your cruise when there is a flash sale going on.

You can get some great deals, especially if the cruise line needs to fill the ship.

Look at large ships as you can get great deals there or older ships.

Also, an obstructed view is a great way to save money, the view may be partially obstructed by a lifeboat.

This way you then have some extra money to spend on other things on your cruise.  

The price difference between an ocean view and a balcony is a lot so we will go over all the pros and cons below.

The main difference is outdoor space, now let’s have a look at ocean view vs balcony cruise cabins.

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Which is best: Ocean View vs Balcony Cruise Cabin?

Ocean View Cabins

First, let’s have a look at oceanview staterooms. They are located on the lower decks of the ship and offer a view of the ocean either through a porthole or large windows.

Oceanview cabins are typically more affordable than balcony cabins and are an excellent choice for budget-conscious travellers.

The amenities in ocean view rooms vary by cruise line. Most standard oceanview rooms usually include a comfortable bed, a small sitting area with a small table, a vanity/desk area and a private bathroom.

Which is Best Ocean view vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

Pros of Ocean View Cabins

  • Affordable pricing
  • Great for those prone to seasickness
  • Ideal for passengers who prefer natural light

Cons of Ocean View Cabins

  • Limited views of the ocean
  • Less privacy compared to balcony cabins
  • Can be noisy on lower decks
Which-is-Best-Ocean view-vs-Balcony-Cruise-Cabin

Balcony Cabins

Balcony cabins have a private balcony where you can relax and enjoy panoramic views of the ocean.

These cabins are usually located on upper decks. They offer more space and privacy than oceanview cabins, as you have a balcony and private outdoor seating. 

The amenities in balcony rooms vary by cruise line. Most usually include a comfortable bed, a small sofa with a small table, a vanity/desk area, and a private bathroom.

In addition, balcony cabins provide a sense of privacy that is hard to come by on a crowded cruise ship. 

Being able to retreat to your own balcony and relax in peace can be a game-changer while on board, especially when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the ship.

If you plan on spending a lot of time in the cabin a balcony is much nicer.

Which is Best Ocean view vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

Pros of Balcony Cabins

  • Spectacular views from the comfort of your own private balcony
  • Extra space and privacy
  • Perfect for romantic getaways
  • Fresh air 
  • Have private outdoor space on sea days. when you want to avoid the pool deck

Cons of Balcony Cabins

  • Higher price point compared to ocean view cabins
  • If you suffer from seasickness – being exposed to the elements on a balcony can increase the likelihood of feeling queasy while sailing.
Which is Best Ocean view vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

Ocean View vs Balcony Cruise – Which Cabin is Right for You?

The most important decisions between an ocean view and a balcony cabin ultimately come from your personal preferences, priorities, and budget. 

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and soaking in the ocean views, a balcony cabin may be the best choice for you. 

However, if you are more budget-conscious and plan to spend minimal time in your cabin, an oceanview cabin might be the better option.

Another cabin option that is budget-friendly is an interior cabin (inside cabin).

These cabins tend to be on the smaller side and have no windows. Great if you like to sleep in full darkness.

Sometimes it is a good idea to speak to a travel agent if you are unsure, as they can give you a lot of good advice tailored to the cruise ship and line you are booking with.

Which is Best Oceanview vs Balcony Cruise Cabin

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