Top European Bike Tour Destinations for Families

Top European Bike Tour Destinations for Families

Cycling vacations are on the rise in America, and rightly so.

While many are content with finding their patch of beach and soaking themselves in the sun and sea, many more are discovering the merits of the adventure vacation, where combining sports and leisure creates a beautiful, exhilarating, and above all, moreish time away.

Bike tours are one such type of adventure vacation, offering you the opportunity to see the most incredible destinations from an entirely new perspective.

Bike tours are also much more accessible as a form of adventure vacation than most, eschewing the breakneck nature of many off-piste biking routes in favor of a more leisurely exploration of a region’s best.

Europe is a favored destination for US tourists too, and again, for good reason, Europe is the cradle of Western culture. But where are the best places to bike tour in Europe?

Top European Bike Tour Destinations for Families

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1. Portugal

    Portugal is a relatively diminutive country on the southwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, but its size shouldn’t confuse you.

    This is a country rich in culture, history, and geography, well worth a visit in its own right -let alone on pedals.

    But Portugal is also an ideal candidate for bike tours, offering a rich buffet of landscapes, from riverside routes to mountainous pathways and beyond.

    If you’re after a taste of Portugal’s urban life, look no further than the thrilling charm of Lisbon.

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    2. France

      France is a no-brainer country to visit—and a bucket-list one for most Americans.

      It is home to the City of Love, which also happens to be an exhilarating place to attempt to cycle through.

      The 11th and 20th arrondissements are especially beautiful to cycle in, especially if you take the time to stop at Pere Lachaise cemetery.

      Outside of Paris, France unfurls into a majestic tapestry of rural magnificence, typified by the wine regions that define it.

      Burgundy, Rhone, and the Alsace are all well worth visiting by bike, though the latter can be challenging.

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      3. The Netherlands

        Further north, you’ll encounter the Netherlands, a glorious country in which to bike on account of being gloriously flat.

        It is remarkably easy to tour between cities and towns, both because of this flatness and because of the brilliant cycling infrastructure integrated into the country.

        Amsterdam is a famous enough example, but there is so much more to see; start with Delft and the incredible pottery on display.

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          4. Italy

          Last but by no means least, we come to ‘the boot’.

          Italy is another must-visit country, regardless of your mode of transport, but there is something unique about seeing it from the seat of a bicycle.

          This is especially true for the Amalfi coast, from Naples to Salerno by way of Pompeii. For a sun-bleached Mediterranean tour of unforgettable proportions, try Sicily.

          Top European Bike Tour Destinations for Families

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