The Essential Cruise Formal Night Guide

Hi, I’m Lucy and I travel around the world on a cruise ship most of the year. Here on my blog, I share my adventures and experiences of all the different countries I’m visiting, giving you an insight into my travel lifestyle.

Now you are probably wondering how I do this; I tag along with my husband that works onboard a cruise ship. This is why my tagline is ‘The Travelling Wife – Cruising Around the World’ as this really is my life!

I am from the UK and married an Italian (that I met whilst I was working onboard a cruise ship). I now feel like a citizen of the world, as I am never in one place for very long, but I call home England/Italy, I’m a ‘Britalian’ as I like to call it!

I started writing this blog, as I was seeing all these beautiful places, but only sharing photos on my Facebook profile and not really sharing my experiences and I thought why not share more and write a travel blog from my perspective.

I love cruising as you can see so much in a week and get tasters of places you would like to explore more one day. Also, you only need to unpack once and you can see the world!

I write about my experiences whilst in each port and share my photos, life onboard, packing for a cruise and what to really bring! I have a love-hate passion for packing, so I like to share my tips and tricks on this subject.

I will answer any questions you have about cruising, ports I have visited, packing or any other travel questions.

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Happy travels!

Love Lucy x