Salties, Spiders and Snakes, Oh My! Staying Safe as a Tourist in Australia

Salties, Spiders and Snakes, Oh My! Staying Safe as a Tourist in Australia


In Australia, you really don’t have to worry about lions, tigers and bears. Instead, you have to worry about box jellyfish, bull sharks and giant centipedes.

If you are a tourist and you plan on visiting Australia then you have to make sure that you are prepared and that you understand exactly what you’re in for.

After all, if you are planning a road trip then you’ll want to see some of the local wildlife along the way.

This Bayswater Charity Drive infographic is a great resource if you plan on doing that as well, but before you dive right in, it helps to know what dangerous creatures you should expect to run into.

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Salties, Spiders and Snakes, Oh My! Staying Safe as a Tourist in Australia

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Saltwater Crocodiles

Crocodiles are rife in Australia and you’ll probably come across them during your trip. There are two different types, the freshwater and the saltwater.

Salties, as Australians like to call them, are very aggressive and they can grow up to 7 meters in length. Park rangers often try and keep the crocs under control and the wet season is when they are most active, so during this time, the waterfalls and gorges tend to be closed for the safety of the public.

To stay safe, never walk too close to a water’s edge if you suspect that there are crocodiles in there and never leave food out if you are camping close to a water source.

Crocs like to nibble and you don’t want to be the main course to their starter of crisps and ham sandwiches.


Salties, Spiders and Snakes, Oh My! Staying Safe as a Tourist in Australia

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Snakes are also very common in Australia. In fact, Australia is home to some of the most dangerous snakes in the world.

Snakes are aggressive but they will never stalk you unless you provoke them. If you happen to stand on a snake, then you can pretty much expect to be bitten.

If you want to avoid snake encounters, never walk barefoot in the grass and always watch where your feet are going if you are outdoors.

If you are going outside at night, take a torch with you and wear sturdy shoes or boots. Snakes don’t like humans at all, so if you see one, just avoid it and don’t try and get a moment-of-stupidity-selfie. Snakes are camera shy, after all.


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Contrary to popular belief, Australian spiders aren’t actually deadly. The only one that you have to watch out for is the Sydney Funnel Web Spider.

This is only found in, you guessed it, Sydney. If you do happen to be bitten by a spider, you’ll be taken to the hospital and you’ll be given a good dose of antivenom.

There is a high chance that you won’t even go through serious symptoms either. There isn’t much that you can do to avoid spiders, other than treating them like you would your normal house-spider.

This includes having a nice big Tupperware tub and a piece of A4 paper handy so that you can safely transport them outside. If you happen to see a Funnel Web Spider, try and contact someone to see if it is safe to move.

Now you know how to stay safe as a tourist in Australia!

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Salties, Spiders and Snakes, Oh My! Staying Safe as a Tourist in Australia

What to do in Cairns Australia if you love Koalas and Kangaroos!

What to do in Cairns Australia if you love Koalas and Kangaroos!

What to do in Cairns Australia if you love Koalas and Kangaroos? Go to the RainForeStation Nature Park in Kuranda.

It is 30 minutes from Cairns ( and if you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen my photos with a kangaroo and koala.

This was one of the best days for me as this was the first time I have ever seen, let alone touch a kangaroo or koala, but I didn’t want to touch the crocodiles!

The nature park is set in 100 acres of tropical rainforest and then surrounded by a world heritage listed rainforest that is one of Australia’s protected natural areas.

Within the park there were three sections to visit; experience the Aboriginal culture; the rainforest to explore by boarding a World War II army duck and the wildlife park to see Australian wildlife.

Aboriginal Culture

When we arrived we first saw the Aboriginal culture section which was good, as the heavens opened and it poured with rain and most of this was under cover!

We saw the Pamagirri Aboriginals playing the didgeridoo, spear throwing and how to throw a boomerang. I had a go but it didn’t go very far and it didn’t come back! I tried!

Then the Pamagirri Aboriginal Dancers performed a show with their traditional dances we saw the Mosquito Dance – to keep the mosquitos away, the warning dance – for when one tribe moves into another tribe’s area and few others, it was very entertaining. The men had on the traditional clothes and body painting.

Wildlife Park

Next was the wildlife park, the baby kangaroos and wallabies were jumping around freely and they were friendly.

I love animals (apart from cats, sorry if you are a cat lover!), but I’m always a little worried how they will react, especially wild animals.

Anyway, I managed to touch a kangaroo until it jumped away! I had to have my photo taken with a Koala.

The koala was fine with the people before me, when it was my turn the koala keeper told me to put my hands in an arch to hold the koala, she tried to put the koala on me, but the koala didn’t want me to hold her! After five more attempts, she let me hold her, I’m smiling in the photo but I was so nervous!

Also in the wildlife park, there were huge saltwater crocodiles and freshwater crocodiles, with a big sign warning you not get to close!

Tasmanian devils, they look nothing like the cartoon character! Wombats and a dingo. There was a snake section, but I’m not a fan so I didn’t go in!

After the mornings, fun activities, we had a BBQ lunch that was delicious and I got to try some Aboriginal sauces. Then after lunch we went for our tour of the rainforest in a World War II army duck.

Rainforest Tour in a World War II Army Duck

This was fun, I sat in the front with our driver/guide and I also helped by pulling the propeller lever!

An army duck is for land and water, if you haven’t seen one before, it is a cross between a boat and van.

We drove through the rainforest and then through the lake in the forest, we saw lots of different trees, plants, flowers and saw some butterflies.

Luckily it had stopped raining and the sun was shining again when we drove around, but the rain had cooled the temperature down so it was quite pleasant.

The RainForeStation Nature Park was fantastic and I recommend going to visit it if you are in the Cairns area.

I didn’t want to leave Australia, between Sydney and Cairns I had two amazing days, but the world cruise must go on and we are now sailing to Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.

I will keep you updated on my trip, if you have any questions, please contact me at or comment on my Facebook page Lucy Williams Global or Instagram @lucywilliamsglobal.

Essential Info

  • Weather: Summer 28 – 34*C and rain
  • Lanaguage: English
  • Currency: Australian Dollars
  • What to wear: Shorts, T-Shirt, closed shoes, hat, bring an umbrella and light rain jacket

  • Recommendation: Wear sunscreen and insect repellent and bring your camera.

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Have you been to the Cairns? What would you recommend doing?

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Sydney – A Place Down Under!

What you must see if you only have 48 Hours in Hong Kong (1)

Sydney was fabulous, I enjoyed every minute there, apart from the heat as it was so hot and humidity made it very sticky, but what do I expect Australia is hot. The good part was there was not a cloud in the sky, so all my photos looked great!

The British heritage is still in Sydney and it has a mix of old and new buildings, it reminded me of London in a small way, that is probably why I loved it so much as it reminded me of home, just a lot hotter and sunnier and they drive on the left side of the road as we do in the UK.

We docked 30 minutes away from the city and the shuttle bus dropped us off by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I walked along the waterfront until the Opera House, it is very easy to get around on foot.

The walk was lovely as there were sculptures of all the Chinese Zodiac signs on the way, for Chinese New Year. They really brighten the walk.

The best was outside the Opera House, there were two roosters, as it is the year of the Rooster. I got some photos of the zodiac signs see below.

The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are the focus in the city as you can see them from every angle while on the waterfront or sailing in or out of the harbour and those are the places to have to have your photo taken in front of.

I met my friend that lives in Sydney that I met ten years ago, onboard and have not seen since. We had a great time catching up in the with some white wine in the Opera Bar on the waterfront by the Opera House and lunch in Searock Grill to have some fish and chips.

Then it was the sad time to go back to the ship and watch the sail away out of the harbour. I think this is one of the best sail away’s in the world, as we go under the Harbour Bridge that you think you are going to hit it, but of course, we go under! Then sailing past the beautiful Opera House with the sun setting.

My next stop is Cairns, Australia so I will be telling you all about my day there soon. If you have any questions, please contact me at or comment on my Facebook page Lucy Williams Global or Instagram @lucywilliamsglobal.

Happy travels!

Love Lucy x

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Sydney - Place Down Under!

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