Top 10 Flight Essentials

Top 10 Flight Essentials - UK - Lucy Williams

I have just flown for 14 hours, so I thought I would share my top ten flight essentials that I always carry in my hand luggage.

Flying long-haul or short-haul is never fun, but if you have a few flight essentials it will make your flight more bearable.

I always carry these items in my hand luggage:

Flight Pillow

I always carry my own flight pillow as I then know only I have used it! The Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used as it keeps your head in a good position and it firm. It squashes down into a little bag, so easy to travel with.


I like to use my own pashmina as a blanket, again then I know no one else has used it before me! A dark colour is better so no aeroplane spills show!

Sweets and Mints

I chew on Mentos when the plane is taking off to stop my ears from popping. I carry Altoids Peppermints for a quick breath fresher in between getting up to clean my teeth.

Hand Cream

My favourite hand cream for the plane is L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream as works wonders for dry, tired hands and it comes in a 30 ml travel size, so you can put it in your little clear bag!


My iPad Mini is my flight essential as I use it waiting to board the plane and onboard. I listen to podcasts, read magazines, read books, play games, listen to music and maybe even write a blog post! 



Headphones on a plane are a necessity, just to block out the noise of the people around you! Noise cancelling headphones are great for you to relax and be in your own zone. I have the Sony Overhead Noise Cancelling Headphones, I would love to have a Bose pair one day, but these ones work well and do not break the bank! 


I like to put on a clean pair of socks on even if I am already wearing a pair of socks (over the top), it just makes it comfier and then you can walk around the plane without having to put your shoes on every time you get up.


Hand Sanitiser

Planes are not the cleanest of places, so I always have some hand sanitiser to clean my hands and I put some on a tissue to clean the fold away tray and armrests!

Glasses Case

If you wear glasses, there will be a point that you would like to take them off to sleep or rest your eyes. So a glasses case is handy to have in the seat pocket.

Rescue Remedy

If you are a little nervous or anxious before or during the flight, I find that Rescue Remedy has a calming effect. Just put four drops on the tongue or in a glass of water. 

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Happy Travels

Love Lucy x


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