6 Things You Need To Know Before Going On a Cruise

Guest blog post by Isabel Leong a Travel Writer from Bel Around The World.

Cruises are undeniably one of the best ways to see the world. Being looked after upon a ship as you travel from country to country sounds like a life of luxury – but with that being said, there are a few things to be aware of before you board, especially if it’s your first time.

Here are six things to bear in mind before boarding a cruise.

You can disembark at any port of call in case of an emergency

You may be wondering – what happens if an emergency arises and I’m stuck on the boat? Don’t worry, because if you need to you’re able to disembark and return home upon arrival at a port of call. Committing to a cruise doesn’t mean you have to see it through to the end.

If you get a call from home that requires you to return, you’ll need your passport and a photo ID to do so – and you have to make the request with guest services during the first 24 hours at sea. If you do it afterwards, the cruise line likely won’t assist to a full extent in getting you home.


There’s rooms suited to those with motion sickness

 If you’re worried about the dreaded mal de mer, rest assured there’s rooms in the ship better suited to you. Opt for a room towards the middle of the ship and upon a higher deck to decrease the potential for sea sickness – the movement here will be minimal and bearable for most.

Consider other ways to decrease the motion sickness, too. Bands to wear upon your wrist are one of the most common and effective remedies, often sold upon the ship itself to ensure you’re not left compromised. A cruise is an amazing experience – don’t let sea sickness get in the way of that.

You’ll be seeing some of the world’s best sights

 It doesn’t matter which cruise you board and which route it takes – you’ll always be discovering new and exciting parts of the world that’ll likely blow your mind. From the luscious, warm scenery of the Caribbean to the depths of the wondrous New Zealand, there’s no limit to how far you’ll go.

Be sure to thoroughly research the cruise routes on offer – if there’s a few that visit the destination you want to see the most, consider the other ports of call during the journey and choose the one that sounds the most appealing to you. After all, the main highlight of a cruise is being able to visit more than one destination with ease.


Hand luggage is still a necessity

Although there’s no flight or equivalent process to get to the ship, hand luggage is still recommended. On the first day when you board the ship, you won’t immediately be able to get to your luggage – so consider a small bag to keep with you, that you can put toiletries and a change of clothing in.

It’s also a good idea to have this small bag packed ready for when you disembark at various ports of call. Wandering around a city all day without a bag could prove to be difficult, so ensure you have one ready for your days exploring.

Reserve restaurants and events immediately to avoid disappointment

As soon as you board the ship, get your bearings and figure out which shows, restaurants and events are on offer for you to reserve. Keep in mind every other passenger will likely be doing the same, so if you want to secure a certain somewhere or something, this is the best way to go about it.

It’s common knowledge that the food on the majority of cruise ships is delectable. With some cruises even being catered by chefs who have received Michelin stars in the past, there’s no doubt you’ll be lapping up some beautiful meals during your stay.


The pool will be busy

 Be prepared for the top deck to get crowded. Whilst you’re cruising and the weather is warm, expect guests to flock in their masses to the poolside – and divert to other areas of the ship to avoid the crowds. Often cruises offer adults-only areas, meaning you can escape the loud families and busy crowds and relax in your own quiet, secluded section.

Another way to make the most of the ship’s facilities is by staying on board once you arrive at a port of call. Whilst many guests will disembark to explore, if you want  a day of quiet relaxation, stay on the ship and you’ll find you have it pretty much all to yourself.

This was a guest blog post by Isabel Leong a Travel Writer from Bel Around The World. Follow her at belaroundtheworld.com

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6 Things You Need To Know Before Going On a Cruise



A Bora Bora Love by Jim ferris

As I have just been to the beautiful French Polynesian island of Bora Bora, I asked my dear friend Jim Ferris to write a guest blog post, as it is his favourite place in the world.

A Bora Bora Love by Jim Ferris

I talk about French Polynesia all the time and the islands of the South Pacific are close to my heart.

But, just ask anyone and they will say that Bora Bora is the heart of the soul of French Polynesia in spite of the many hotels that have sprung up.

We started going to French Polynesia in the early 70’s mostly to Bora Bora. It is only 18 miles around (30 kilometres) and the people who live here are very friendly.

More specifically it is very easy to get to, either by cruise ship or by plane. By cruise ship, all you have to do is get off the tender boat and walk thru the shell and curio shop to the main road.

Lucy Williams Global Bora Bora

I always suggest to people to turn left and go to the local store (chin li) to enjoy the flavour of what a small island community has to offer the villagers.

It is a short 6 miles to one of the loveliest beaches in the world, Matira Point.

After 25-30 visits to the islands, one never tires of just walking around and talking to the local people.

If you ever have the opportunity to be in French Polynesia on a Sunday visit the local church to listen to the singing.

The shoreline has not changed on any of the islands for as long as I have been going.

There are rules and laws some of which I feel should be adopted my other island communities.

Lucy Williams Global Bora Bora

You cannot fly or sail into French Polynesia without a return ticket or be prepared to post a bond showing that you have funds to leave.

Did you know that developers cannot construct a building higher than the highest coconut tree, which is why you see hotels built from the top of a hill down toward the sea?

Yes, things are very expensive in French Polynesia, but it is like everything on small islands 90% of everything consumed is brought in by ship or plane.

Enjoy Bora Bora!


Jim Ferris

Jim Ferris is an experienced cruiser and loves nothing more than to be onboard. If you have any questions for him, please comment below.

Essential Info

  • Weather: 23*C – 31*C year round
  • Language: French (English is spoken)
  • Currency: Polynesian Francs (Also US Dollars and Euros are excepted)
  • Top tips: Wear lots of sunscreen and drink lots of water. The water flask and sunscreen are available on Amazon.


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Have you been to Bora Bora? What would you recommend doing?

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A Bora Bora Love by Jim Ferris - Lucy Williams Global


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Debra Santangelo has kindly written a guest blog post for me, about her fascinating life. I hope you enjoy reading!

Santangelo's Sicily (1)

Every time I get off the plane at Catania airport on the spectacular island of Sicily I feel overwhelmed by a mixture of emotions. You see, the first time I ever set foot on the island I was only 18 and I was completely spellbound by the intoxicating combination of sunshine, tradition and legend that accompanies the Italian island. I fell completely under the spell of the old-fashioned villages with their winding streets and the constant presence of Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, which was an ever-present companion throughout our days.


Little did I know that this exciting trip would change my life forever.

I had so many adventures during that first Summer. I rode on the back of a Vespa through the cobbled labyrinth of alleys and slept on the beach under the stars. I went to Italian parties out in the countryside and sat in the park most afternoons reading Italian novels to practise the language……..and that’s where I met the fiery Sicilian who was to become my husband.

I fell head over heels in love and over the next few years, we travelled all over Italy. Throughout this time I worked in a campsite on Lake Garda and taught English in Milan. It was a crazy time and when we decided to start settling down we moved back to England where I completed my degree in Travel Management.

Of course, Sicily was always in the back of my mind and I knew that my Italian adventure wasn’t yet over. After university, we decided to move back to the island and that’s when I found out that I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. I was over the moon but all of a sudden the whirlwind adventure ended and I found myself completely isolated in a small Sicilian village, away from my friends and family, sitting at home all day waiting for my husband to return home from work.


After months of living like this, the vibrant, ambitious young girl disappeared to be replaced with an insecure housewife, completely dependent on her husband even to go out for a coffee or a walk around the park. At that time it was unheard of for women to go out alone there unless they were headed straight to the school or to the bread shop!

Then one day I decided that enough was enough and I summoned enough energy to turn my life around. We moved back to the UK and I made the conscious decision to become that independent, passionate girl once again.

I started my coaching business because I wanted to help other women who are in the position that I was. I wanted to show women that no matter how ‘stuck’ or frustrated they may feel, there is always another way. I now continue to share this message with my community because, to me, there is nothing more exciting than seeing an independent woman with a purpose and a strong voice to share with the world.

Now, my life couldn’t be different. I regularly visit Sicily with my husband and my two daughters and we spend a wonderful couple of weeks sightseeing and spending time with our Italian family. Earlier this month we travelled there for my niece’s First Communion and I still become enchanted by the wonderful traditions and the breathtaking scenery. As we wander through our olive groves in the rugged countryside I still feel like I’ve stepped into a scene from The Godfather and that Michael Corleone will appear over the hill any time now in his search for Apollonia!


Nothing is more important to me than my freedom and the freedom of my family and it’s now my passion in life to help as many women as possible create a business that aligns them with their true identity and gives them financial independence.

The world has so much to offer and I’m going to enjoy it to the full………..but it will be on my terms!


Debra Santangelo is an International Business and Success Coach and teaches women entrepreneurs how to create a freedom-based business that allows them to design a life they truly love. 

To get your free Instagram training guide for entrepreneurs go to – bit.ly/rockyourinstagram.

For more information about Debra’s coaching go to www.debrasantangelo.com


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