Camogli A Hidden Gem in Liguria Italy

Camogli is a hidden gem in Liguria as most people go to Portofino. Portofino is beautiful, just be ready to get your wallet out and pay a little more! There is a reason why Pucci and Paul & Shark are there! This hidden gem is in the north-west of Italy on the Ligurian coast, near…… Continue reading Camogli A Hidden Gem in Liguria Italy


An Inside Guide to Medieval Genoa

Genoa in Italy is very historic and has buildings that date back to the medieval era (5th – 15th century). If you have read my last blog ‘An Inside Guide to Porto Antico in Genoa,’ you know about the Porto Antico area. Behind Porto Antico is where the historic centre is. You can enter from…… Continue reading An Inside Guide to Medieval Genoa


An Inside Guide to Porto Antico in Genoa

Genoa is in Italy and in Italian is called, Genova. It is the in the region of Liguria which is in the north-west of Italy. Genoa is a long narrow city along the coast, hence Genoa was known for its maritime ties for centuries. The great explorer Christopher Columbus was even born in Genoa and…… Continue reading An Inside Guide to Porto Antico in Genoa


The Lake Como Weekend Guide

Lake Como is in the region of Lombardy in the north of Italy. It is the perfect place to visit for a long weekend especially in the summer months. It is such a relaxing place with the beauty of the lake, the mountains on either side and the houses scattered around all painted different colours…… Continue reading The Lake Como Weekend Guide

Guest Blog

Santangelo’s Sicily

Debra Santangelo has kindly written a guest blog post for me, about her fascinating life. I hope you enjoy reading! Every time I get off the plane at Catania airport on the spectacular island of Sicily I feel overwhelmed by a mixture of emotions. You see, the first time I ever set foot on the island…… Continue reading Santangelo’s Sicily

Cruise · World Cruise

What a Cruise!

I’m now finally home after four months and a nine days and what a cruise! I have been around the world on a cruise ship and I am so pleased I started this blog to share my experiences. I was in two minds whether to do it as I thought no one would be interested! …… Continue reading What a Cruise!

Cruise · Wedding

My Love Boat

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary I thought I would share my story. I know I do not normally write about my life, just my travel life, but it is travel related as I met my husband while travelling. I met my husband ten years ago, while we were both working onboard a cruise ship.…… Continue reading My Love Boat